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Need Help Networking!



if someone could please inform me on how to do this or direct me to where i could find out...i would greatly appreciate it.
I run xp Pro...I'm connected to a Hub with another computer, the other computer is running Win 98 SE....
so it goes ....cable to modem...to hub...to 2 computers....
i've done networking like this before but with two xp machines so it was very easy...
can someone tell me if or how it can be done with an xp and a 98 machine...



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Well I think it shouldn't be that hard. I believe that if u run the network wizard on the 98 SE machine and answer all the questions it should work. Well that is what I did to get my laptop to work on my LAN with a router but also everybody else as different idea's so that is my idea.

check here
Short note. If you connect the cable modem to the hub you must have an ISP that will give you at least two IP:s. Most ISPs will only give you one.
if you cant connect both directly then connect the xp and share it to other computer (will need two connections on xp machine)
i have one machine proxing mine to all other computers til i get another server built, works pretty good.


i have 2 ip's...had to purhase another from my isp...i just don't know what the steps are to network these two machines....
all ihave to do in xp is run network setup wizard.....but then what do i do with the 98 machine....


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samething run the network wizard on the 98 machine and make sure that they both use the same protocol's but otherwise it should work


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yes it can be done, i dont really remember but u have to fool around with the XP protocalls.

try and have this on ur 98 machine:
- Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
- No File Print Sharing, that leaves u vunab . . . . to hackers.

Windows XP Machine:
- Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
- NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS . . . . .
that should also install NWLink NetBIOS with it.

that should or might work. if it does not, try fooling around with the setting on eatch computer like:

remove NetBIOS on The XP machine or do vice versia on 98 Machine.

for some F$%@ed up reason, this is how MS, stupid Bill gates made his OS. very very vry stupid design.

i try and stay away from XP machines when it comes to netowrking i hate em

This link is a lil Windows XP and Winddows 98 Netowrk Tweak:

Netowrking Help:

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