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Need help locking out facebook


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi all,

I need assistance locking out facebook from my friends computer. He is trying to keep his kids from accessing facebook. Guess it is getting out of hand over there.

Anyways, I tried redirecting his DNS to opendns and then using that service to facebook, it was working for the last month.

I guess his kids figured out about proxy server's and have bypassed the dns service.

I there someway to lock out the ability to keep them from 1- getting around the dns service using proxy server. 2- maintain the ability to continue the internet connection to that desktop.

They are behind a router. The machine is a windows vista.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Electronic Punk

Staff member
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Hmm, could slap it in the hosts file? Then only giving his account the right to modify the file?
Also might be worth looking at the win7 parental controls but I am not sure they are that granular.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
The Windows 7 parental controls are alot better then past versions of Windows (not sure bout Vista as I never used them).

It can log what sites have been visited and such as well.

But I would definitely use then plus a restricted user account so they can't install another browser that doesn't use the parental controls.

A router with blocking features may also work.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi AM,

Was doing some reading on the parental controls, it blocks games and programs, but it doesn't apply to websites.

This machine still needs to access the net, just not facebook.

I will edit the hosts file for the time being.

Can a restricted user setup a proxy server in the browser? Don't know if they have permission to do so.



OSNN One Post Wonder
Hi there,

if you have IE7/IE8 installed check out Tools -> Internet Options -> Content and then enable the "Content Advisor". There is a tab "Approved Sites" where you can black/white list sites, and set a password to access the "Content Advisor" in General Tab.

however, will have a hard time catching up will all those webproxys out there (just search for "facebook proxy"). You can either check out a professional solution or just lock your kids User account on the computer for a week until they get the message.

I used WebWasher as a proxy server to block certain pages when i was working in an internet cafe in 2004; not sure if its still out there. As far as i remember it was a pretty basic solution, but i could also block certain google queries via wildcards in the url. However, better products like PureSight analyze the page content instead of just checking the url, making it much more reliable. some hardware routers like sonic firewall also offer content filtering, so that might be a bit more child proof than anything you install on your kid's computer itself.

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