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Need help in making a movie

I am looking to make a DVD movie out of clips taken with my digital camera. The clips are of my grandson from a few hours after his birth to the present. I have Nero 8 and Windows Movie Maker but can't get either program to do what I want. Thus, the purpose of this thread.

I would like to precede each video clip with one or more text segments (for lack of a better word). For instance, I'd like to start the movie with fade in text of:

Baby's name
time of birth

Then an effect stating the date (and his age) of the following video clip, for each video clip.

I can create the effects, no problem. My problem is that I can't get either program to play the text segments and then the video clip. Both programs overlay the text onto the video as it plays, hiding what is under the text.

I prefer to do this on the cheap (with the programs that I have) as this movie is for my parents (and for posterity). They live about 600 miles away and don't want a computer :cry: or I'd simply send them a CD or DVD of the files.

One thought I had is to keep the lens cap on the camera, make a clip of black for 10 seconds or longer, and have the text segments display over the black video.

Any other ideas? Or should I invest in a different program?

Nero should have no problem doing what you want, it is just a pain to use.

I used Movie Maker to do the exact same thing, it is much faster:
1) Open movie maker
2) Import your video file AND still pictures (if desired).
3) Import your audio clips for back ground music (if desired).
4) Top menu tools titles and credits
a) Do opening page title, select font, backgorund, etc
5) Insert first video (or still picture).
a) Drag the trailing edge of a title or picture to make it play longer.
6) Select timeline mode on bottom to insert titles between tracks, use menu tools titles and credits again.
until done.

You can record voice naration on the timeline also with a microphone.

I don't think you can add chapters so they can skip parts they don't want to see (like changing the diapers). But once the movie is done you can load it into Nero, split the timeline and add chapters if you want.

BTW Any decent DVD player should be able to play your mpeg and jpeg files. But it's cooler to send the folks a home made DVD movie.
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American Zombie

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Nero should have no problem doing what you want, it is just a pain to use.
I am going to assume you never used Nero Vision.

I have made movies with it and added chapters/menus with very little effort.

Import clips > create chapters/menus > convert > burn to DVD

You can add video effects, text effects add/or transitions if you want to.
Zombie, I have used it extensively and for the items you list it works fine.

Now try and insert title pages or section descriptions in betwen video segments which is the stated problem for this thread. NERO insists on having the text section play over the video. The only solution I could find was to create blank video sections to run underneath the text overlay. Very inefficient.

It was also very twitchy laying videos end to end and trying to setup in/out effects. It kept trying to ovelay the fade in /fade out areas on adjacent videos.

Considering some of the things NERO does well I was greatly disappointed.

American Zombie

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Was this in create/edit a movie?

You can drag/drop anything to anywhere in the timeline mode (not storyboard mode) and adjust their placement.

Seems to work fine for me with Nero 8.
Thanks for all of the info. I'll try out the various procedures that you've provided.

by the way, how do you switch between timeline and storyboard mode in the nero program? My program doesn't have the traditional menu bar (selectable by pressing F10).


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