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Need help in buying a 17" CRT



I read at PCworld that the best 17" CRT is the IBM P77.
But this article is from april. I was wondering if there is a better
one, because i want to buy the IBM but it costs $345.
And if there is a better one than obviously i don't want to spend
so much money on the IBM one.
Something else, I came on a website today and it
sells the IBM for $226. But they say its like refurbished
or something. I don't quite understand what it means.
Here is the address could someone please check it out
and tell me if you would buy it or not and if not what monitor then.

Site: http://marketplace.amazia.com/optionserv

Now something completely different, does anyone know what
to type in the console in counter-strike so that once you click
on a number key for the weapons you instantly get the weapon
instead of pressing a left mouse click first.
So i'm talking about the sprites.

Welcome to XP-erience! :)

A refurbished monitor is one which has been previously used by someone. Most refurbished monitors are taken back by the manufacturer, tested for defects, repaired if required and then sold at a lower price.

Since you're going in for a CRT, consider the FLAT SCREEN models. I've found the picture quality to be noticeably better on flat screen CRTs. Also less eye strain due to reduced glare.

I'm using a 17" Viewsonic (flat screen) and I think the display quality is really good.
Ok, I just checked out the specs on the IBM website. Seems to be a very good monitor ... and its a good deal.

Like I said, just wait a while for some more opinions, before making your final decision. :)


yeah, refurbs are simply repaired units sold at a lower price..

since you're looking for a new monitor here's some things to keep in mind:

rounded vs flat - you'll find a flat tube to display the picture to be generally quite square as opposed to rounded (aesthetics). however, sometimes an FST's picture can have a slightly curved/warped corners that the controls cannot adjust properly and teh unit will be replaced. They are good though so don't let that scare you.

dot trio vs aperture grille - dot trio focuses three beams in one spot to create the pixle. these screens tend to be blurry compared to aperture grille. Apertue grille literally uses a grille to focus the electron beam and provides a much sharper pitcure. the difference is quite amazing. one downside to FST (flat square tube) screens is that they have two horizontal wires at nearly one third and two thirds of the way down the screen. they are there to stabilize the picture but can sometimes become obvious, but not too annoying.

dot pitch - cheaper monitors provide .27mm dot pitch whereas higher end will have .25mm or lower. lower numbers provide a sharper picture and I think a higher resolution.

warranty - with monitors, generally you're going to keep it for a while so I recommend purchasing new with a 3 year warranty, unless you are okay with one year or less. keep in mind that if your monitor breaks down out of warranty the cost to fix it will probably be near or maybe more than a replacement.

brands - there's a ton of brands out there and you'd be surprised how many of them actually use Samsung tubes and put their name on the case. So, NEC, Samsung and Sony are three excellent brands. Samsung should come in at a better price. Have a look around though and see what kinds of deals you can find.

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