Need help. I deleted the recycle bin

OK... some history...... I did a reg. hack that lets you re-name the recycle bin from the decktop just by right clicking on it.

( [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}\ShellFolder]
"CallForAttributes"=dword:00000000 )

Thats the hack...... Well There is also a option to delete. Well drunk ass me clicked on the delete and not the empty option.

How do I get it back.... I already have XP to show system files and I can see the recyler folder with the icons in it. I could always make a shortcut, but it not the same ... When you goto change the Icon in the Display Properties.. Well it doesnt change.

Any help out there ????



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Open up your registry and make your way here:-

In the right-hand side double-click "Attributes" and change the numbers to:-
50 01 00 20

Thanks to Dirk Diggler.
I did a restart and had pressed F8 and click on the one that says Last Know Boot that worked..... something like that....

Still gone......


I do have Drive Image Pro. It worked great on 98 (FAT32). I could re-install windows in about 10 min...

Now that I have XP (NTFS) it doesnt work with this file format !!!:mad:

Just my luck !!!!!!!!!!


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thats NOT a system restore I don;t think... go to start>programs>accessories>system tools>system restore and go back to a prior date and get it back... its simple really... unless you were really clever and turned off system restore to save disk space or something :D

if that happened... do the following... FRESH INSTALL lol... I dunno any other way to get it back if you can restore the bin from the registry per xsiv...

just do try out the system restore and it should work...
Thanks... system restore worked...... Bad thing is , Im going to have to re-install a bunch of programs.. Oh well.......

Thanks dudes..........


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