need help finding monitor driver


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i have a dell 17" 1704fpt flat panel monitor. i cannt find the vista drivers for this monitor. doe anyone have any work arounds for this?

i am running the latest build 5365 x86. i have the video drivers installed properly. i cannot get past 1024*768 resolution...



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i tried the driver you listed there on my last build. i was hoping this buildit would work...

ive installed the video drivers for the video card...i have a 6800GS 256 OC. Vista recognizes the card. last build it did not.


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It could be the video or the monitor drivers. Waiting for good drivers is the best option or you can try and force the video resolution in Vista.

If you try and force the driver resolution the display may become unreadable and you may have to boot into safe mode to reset the display resolution and I'm not sure how and if that will work with Vista.

I also don't know if this still works in Vista. Right clcik on the desktop- select properties select settings, select Monitor, uncheck Hide modes that this monitor cannot display. Hit apply and now you should have the higher resolutions available.
I have the same display and a 256MB 6800GT. I'll be installing Vista on this box sometime early next week, when my new hard disk gets here, so I'll let you know how it goes.
Okay, so I got it installed earlier today, and I don't have the problem you're experiencing.

I am using the x64 build though, and it went straight to 1280x1024 right after setup was done. This is with the built-in drivers for the 6800GT PCI-e, and it's connected to the 1704FPT using a DVI cable. I didn't need to install monitor drivers separately.

Are you using the built-in Microsoft drivers for the 6800, or did you download and install the ones from nVidia's site? I tried the nVidia ones, but that disabled Glass and was quirky (the system started reporting 0MB of VRAM!), so I reverted back to the built-in ones immediately, and everything was back to normal again.


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i am using the ones i DL from nvidia. the only thing differnt is the i am using the analog connector...i will try the DVi to see if tha makes any difference...doubt it but will try.
So you didn't get 1280x1024 with the built-in Microsoft drivers for the 6800GS either? The nVidia drivers were released for Build 5308 and haven't been updated since, so they might cause problems with 5365.


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reinstalled vista most recxt build today, and used the digital connection and i am now able to use the resolution. thanks for the help :p


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i used the built in drivers. i didnt change any drivers for video...although the creative crivers just blew up my install of vista. i now cannot get into vista

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