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need help editing .css file

Dark Atheist

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i have everything else the way i want it in the css file but i can seem to get the writing in the input boxes to appear white instead of black

looking on the page i see
<div id="gsContent" class="gcBorder1">
<div class="gbBlock gcBackground1">
<h2> Login to your account </h2>
<input name="g2_return" value="/photos/main.php?" type="hidden">
<input name="g2_form[returnUrl]" value="/photos/main.php?" type="hidden">
<div class="gbBlock">
<h4> Username </h4>
<input id="giFormUsername" size="16" name="g2_form[username]" value="" type="text">
<script type="text/javascript">
<h4> Password </h4>
<input id="giFormPassword" size="16" name="g2_form[password]" type="password">

<div class="gbBlock">
Lost or forgotten passwords can be retrieved using the <a href="main.php?g2_view=core.UserAdmin&amp;g2_subView=core.UserRecoverPassword&amp;g2_return=%2Fphotos%2Fmain.php%3Fg2_view%3Dcore.UserAdmin%26g2_subView%3Dcore.UserLogin%26">recover password</a> page
<div class="gbBlock gcBackground1">
<input class="inputTypeSubmit" name="g2_form[action][login]" value="Login" type="submit">
<input class="inputTypeSubmit" name="g2_form[action][cancel]" value="Cancel" type="submit">
but i cant find any such entry in the css file - i have tried putting

.giFormUsername { color: #ffffff; }
.giFormPassword { color: #ffffff; }

under the only h4 admin bit i can see but it doesnt work, as you guess my coding skills are rather pap, so any advise would be good

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