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Need Help doing FTP!!



Ok I'll try to make this as simple as possible. I want to be able to connect to my friends comp and vis versa to transfer files. Now I have a dsl connection running through a Linksys router. DHCP is activated. I also have the dmz running to my comp. Now I've seen that I may have to set up a static IP. But I think this would make all the other computers connected to the router not have internet access. I have both cuteftp and WS_ftp. He has Ws_FTP. We are clueless how to connect to each other. Any help would be appreciated. He is running on ME and I'm on XP.
If your only going to transfer files for a little while, why not use something simple like ICQ or IM?

Not trying to be a smart, but setting up those two ftp programs can be a bear if you don't know what you are doing.


Isnt there a limit to the size of the transfer files on ICQ and IM's though? Plus isnt it alot slower?
I know of no limits on the size of files on ICQ, I don't use IM, so can't help you, as far as speed, it ain't the fastest, but it will get the job done.

This is of couse my opinion, I send files to my friends and relatives all the time and they live across the country, give it a try.

I am not saying give up on ftp, read up on it, get to understand it, learn all you can, but in the mean time get to transferring files.

Have fun;)


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you have some very simple solutions.

first, only one of you needs to run server software, the other can either just log on using IE or you can use a client ftp software.
The client software is something like cuteftp, bullettproof ftp client, etc. PM me if you need some direction.

second, and the most important. You did not say, but I am guessing that you have a dynamic IP (a static IP never changes) and that your isp peroidically changes your IP #.
IF you have a static IP, no problem, just connect to that, otherwise you need something to detect the ip changes and keep things up to date so that you do not have to keep changing your IP #
1. www.tzo.com has some software you can try for 30 days which you d/l and run on your puter. Basically you give yourself an easy to remember addy, register it with tzo and whenever anyone types in that ftp addy they are connected to your ftp.
for example.. you want to use the addy "mygreatserver" then you register that at the website and they append something to your addy which will allow their server to redirect.
you end up with something like ftp://mygreatserver.tzo.com

whenever your friend types that in they are directed to your ftp.

But wait......what???.....You are do damn cheap and don't want to pay anybody anything????...you want it FREE????

Ok, :D Still got you covered. Same deal, slightly different setup.

FREE: Go to www.no-ip.com and sign up with them. You can pay if you want to , but if you use their minimum service--its free.
still get your desired addy, you get to choose from among several options as to the second part of the addy (no-ip.com, .net, .org, servehttp.com, serveftp.com, etc)

d/l small pgm to your puter to check the ip every 10 min or so and report back to their server.

but i digress.
both of you get a client then connecting and transferring between yourselfs is easy.
Email me and I will show you.:D
just be warned, I am on a ADSL line with 1200 down/ 128 up and it takes about 5 hrs to transfer 300 mB. so the big files take a while, limited by the upload limit.

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