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need help building my laptop

Perris Calderon

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ok hardware gurus

my company is paying half of my laptop if it's hp

tell me if the 1800 amd is much worse then the 2400, (only an extra 100 bucks)

1 stick of 512 will cost me 100 bucks more then two sticks of 250...which one to get?

what's the dif between xga screen and sxga?..100 busks differance...(plus a bigger screen, that's worth it right there, but I want to know the diff)

thanx 4 u'r help
Ok, about the RAM:

I'm assuming the laptop has two RAM slots (like mine)
I think 512MB of RAM is good enough for my needs, and for most purposes. So 2 x 256 = 512 should be alright, in my opinion. That's the configuration I currently have.

However, if there is a chance that you might want to bump up to 1 GB of RAM anytime in the NEAR future, go for the 1 x 512 option. That way, all you need to do is add another 512MB stick in the second slot.
Not an AMD user either but the 2400+ should kick alot more punch. If you can afford it, go for it.
As for the ram go for the pair since it's cheaper. Unless you plan to upgrade to more memory later...


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How hot will the 2400 get?
I have 512 in my tosh laptop and its plenty. Lots of windows open and lots running in the background.


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I would definatly go for the higher processor, the temp difference is marginal. But the speed difference is noticable in a laptop. Also I would go for the 512 stick of ram. For 1, one stick is faster than having 2 sticks, and it will make an upgrade later cheaper and easier. HP laptops seem to really like RAM. It both the RAM and the processor are not too cost inhibitive, Basicaly if you have to choose, I would go with higher processor and upgrade RAM later.


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get the 2x256mb sticks. if you want to upgrade later, you'll be able to get seperate 2x512mb sticks for probably $100 total and sell the 2x256mb on ebay and save money in the end. those places charge too much for memory in their systems. think about it. :)

Perris Calderon

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great feedback

I'm going to find out what the diffeance in batterie life is between the processors..

they both probably clock down to about the same speed in order to prolong life

I'l see


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I've just switched from a P4 1.6 with 768 meg o ram
to an AthlonXP 1800 with 512 meg o ram

IMHO an 1800 is plenty fast enough for a lappy
spend the extra bucks on more ram

the speed you lose on having two sticks is negligible
the only way you'll notice the difference is through running benchmarks

BUT the extra speed you gain by XP no longer paging to disk is well worth it

its a net gain on overall performance

:cool: :p :rolleyes: :happy:

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