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need help accessing important lost files



hi, i need some of ur expert help, my xp pro fukt up, comp would reset itself b4 finishing loading xp - blue screen would flash up for half a second so have no idea wot it sed, tried chkdsk /r which has worked in the past but not this time. read some older posts on this forum about similar problems, but in end decided to reinstall xp, easy long boring way out. but thort would get me up an running, however having reinstalled xp to diff directory on same drive i now cannot access files that were in the my documents and desktop folders of my users directory from my old setup, just seys access is denied !!! some of the files r needed and would appreciate any help anyone can give
Open windows explorer> Tools> Folder Options> 'View' tab> scroll all the way to the bottom of that list and untick the 'use simple file sharing' option. Apply the change. Right click on the folder in question> properties> 'security' tab> 'add' button> 'advanced' button> 'find now' button> Locate your user name/group in the list, highlight it and hit ok. Apply the change... this should give you access to the folders again. If they're encrypted then you've probably lost them for good.


cool ta
i used a collaboration of this an another answer i got from a diff forum, bit of playing around got there in tthe end
*copies files to 2nd hdd, cd, tape, disks etc*

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