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Need For Speed Underground


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I just got the new game and I think its f**king amazing. The cars, the graphics, the hangling and everything is crazy. I was wondering what the wrest of you think of this game.:D


I've only seen the demo and it looks superb, but i have to say that my favourite is still Porsche unleashed.........


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well maybe you can finish it in one night, but the thing about racing games, I think, is that every time you race its a little different. I think so, but meh.
I got through about race 60-something in a good 10-12 straight hours of playing, but by that time I was beat and couldn't take anymore... I finished it in about 3-4 days because I was kinda burned out after playing it so much the first night... I do, however, agree that all the tracks look too much the same.. I also have an issue with the fact that brand names make jack for difference in the game; they only unlock stickers. Whoopity-doo. Also, performance mods come in "kits", which I'm not a big fan of either. It's a great game overall, but it could have been better. I don't think it quite lived up to the hype, to be perfectly honest.
i have Need for speed underground and i think it is a gret game. Perfect for people who like to tweak up their cars like what i hope to do when i finally get one :). The graphics are pretty good except its just unfortunate for the graphics on the menu screen, because of the low screen resolution. But all in all, it is a really good game in my opinion. When actually racing, the graphics are great and i like the water effects from the puddles :D

There is just one big downside to the game though i thought. Its unfortunate that they didnt have an inside view of the car with the steering wheel and stuff whilst racing. I thought that would be an amazing touch to the game, playing as if your inside your modded car :)

Theres my say about the game :p

Alex :cool:


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Yea, I was going to say something about that. All of the older Need For Speed's had an inside view of the car, this one dosent. That is pretty stupid, I liked that fact of being inside that car!

Shamus MacNoob

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We love Need For Speed Underground it is a fantasic game my only complaint is they did not use anykind of anti-cheating software for the on-line mode which sucks just too easy to use the 200mph reset and crap from the trainers. But other than that its great !!!

ps: One night no way I don't think so... :)
They've had something like 3 patches out now... however, EA never seems to provide releaes notes with their patches so nobody has any clue what their patches fix... I've noticed the same thing with Madden 2004... I think that's pretty lame :(

Shamus MacNoob

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Originally posted by Alex_is_Axel
ive noticed that the latest patch resolves the trainers used for the game :) :p
Really that would be great, maybe I will go try the on-line mode some more then I just installed the 1.3 version patch today. :)
this is the new Patch Changes :)

Patch Changes

- Fix UG Mode Completion, players can now change cars in UG mode once
completed (allowing cars with TJ parts to be changed post completion)
- Fix many cheats/trainers
- Improved cheat detection functionality
- Fixes to rep points lost using NOS In bad latency situations
- Fixed some hardware issues
- Scenery Deinstancing - will help increase framerate
- Issue with black screen instead of movies in min. install if the user
removes CD before movie starts playing
- Issue with micropauses on machines with low physical memory
- Issue where sometimes the game hangs if the CD is removed from Cdrom
when going in/out of the game/FE.
- PC Registration - Server error after completing the survey.
- Various stability fixes for the game
- Windows Me Autodial on Startup
- Reverse / Distorted Manufacturer Vinyls On Golf And Lancer
- Graphical Corruption Using The Rear View Mirror

Looks like a good patch.. i like the sound of the increase of framerates :)


Boogie Nights...!
I think it'd be great to post pics of your cars on here..see who has created the best one!

...just an idea.. :)

here's mine (like someone said earlier tho...the resolution of this part of the game is constantly low!)..

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