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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2



oh well i'm trying to obtain a copy for me as soon as it's avaliable to obtain. played demo i think i'll like the whole game overall :) plus it has multiplayer :D that's awsome


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do you have a steering wheel? or do you use a gamepad?

if steering wheel: which one and how does it work? meaning how well?
if gamepad: how does it work? meaning how well?
I use a keyboard with my demo :)
Plays fine with that, as for game pad/steering wheel, no idea, don't have either. Gotta wait for mafia to post, I think he played with one of those.


i always use only keyboard and mouse. too lazy to buy something else. i once had a joystick, but been playing too much descent free space 1 and 2 that i broke it about 2 years ago. since then i only got keyboard and mouse :)
" still pondering the purchase* "

I was a fan of all NFS games, other then Porche Unleashed... I LOVED Need For Speed 3. So this should be awsome. I say you go for it.


lol me is going for it at a really slow rate ok 1kb/sec . maybe i should actually buy this one? or try the full version first?
I played the demo and it looks really good. The cars look more real, but I'd say the scenery is on par with NFS-5.

When I first started playing it, it seemed a bit funny. The cars handle differently...not like in NFS-5. You would think the driving physics would be about the same.

I have seen it for sale at Wal-Mart here two days ago (actually all I saw was the emplty slot where it would have been. All I really saw was the sticker saying what it was on the shelf). According to the NFS website, it should be released today.

I either use a MS Sidewinder or a Gravis Eliminator Aftershock. I like the Gravis better since it has variable steering/throttle which is better than the on/off effect of a normal gamepad or keyboard IMO.


I've been an avid NFS fan since "The Need For Speed" was first released for the 3DO (talk about OLD SCHOOL!).

I bought NFS:HP2 today, love it!
All I've seen ppl talk about on the official EA NFS:HP2 forum is how much the game sucks. B|tch, b|tch, b|tch, b|tch...

The PC game pampered babies favorite complaints are:
1) The cop car head lights don't flash anong with the light bar (like in NFS3). (cry me a bloody river)
2) No "Be the Cop" mode on multiplayer. (I was a little miffed over that, but I got over it fast)
3) No "Dashboard view". (I was a little miffed over that, but I can get over it too. I usualy drive from tail cam in all versions of NFS anyway)
4) No "Movie Camera" selection for viewing replays. (No biggie for me since I rarely ever watch replays)

That about sum's it up the "things that suck" that I've read... Thats all they complain about, over and over and over again. Finding new ways to complain about the same thing's, an intire message board CRAMMED with them :rolleyes:

My opinion of NFS6:
1) Great graghics and attention to detail.
2) Ton's of beautiful cars to drool over and drive.
3) Fast paced action
4) Awesome sound track!
5) All tracks have tons of differant paths to the finish line.
6) Cool new way to stop speeders by damaging them instead of trying to spin them out (when your the cop)
7) Cops have new (some times funny) taunts they yell at you over they're loud speaker.
8) Cops are a hell of alot smarter! (wait till they try to do a "Rolling Roadblock on you ;) )

All in all, I give Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 a 8 out of 10 :D


the game is like 8 out of 10.. it could be better but ehh thats what need for speed 3 is all about :p

now those who wanna buy it.. umm just get the full *demo* download...


Don't get me wrong, I love the NFS series. (Not a sexual love, just a .....nevermind)...

I kinda get a laugh from controlling a car that seems to have no driver...

Great graphics, I like the Matrix stillshots :)


I got this today and installed it, I have the australian version with the 2 extra cars, the game is awesome, but has a few problems, replays suck bad. only has the view you raced in.. also seems to need a good computer to run any good. im running a xp2000+ with 512 meg of ram a nd geforce 3 gts and it lags in 1024X768.

OK thing i want to ask is how big is the install? on the box it says 1.2 gig needed my install is 64meg how big is anyone elses? i didnt install the arcade spy though


Originally posted by Sprung
Don't get me wrong, I love the NFS series. (Not a sexual love, just a .....nevermind)...

I kinda get a laugh from controlling a car that seems to have no driver...

Great graphics, I like the Matrix stillshots :)
i had the same thought about driver, it's very funy actually if cops do catch they somehow arrest some guy, but there was no one in the car. very strange :)


also could work, or just wait till the price drops and maybe get it then. it still has some good graphics and stuff

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