Need For Speed 4 & 5


Anyone got any idea how come i couldn't run my NFS 4 & 5 in my XP Professional. It kept pop up "This is not a valid Win32 Application". As for NFS 5, it just crash on the loading screen. Can someone help me to solve this problem?. Thanks a million.


well... thanks anyway. Any car racing games to recommend that are suitable for XP Professional? I got a couple of them but they hate XP and prefer ME. Izzit due to the NTFS file system or the OS platform? :D


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Could you add NFS 3 to that list as well.
I saw a thread about 3 weeks ago about altering the setup.exe switch so it installed with the 9x/ME kernel as opposed to the XP Kernel as norm, but not sure this works as I dont get back to my XP Machine til Sunday.

Can get the Game to spin the CD on some of the compatibility settings. But no game. Also the game wont run on an ME Machine I have, I am not sure why. Would DirectX have anything to do with it. It uses directX 5 and the machine has directx 8
That trick with NFS3 does work. You also wanna try Midtown Madness !!, Nascar Racing and Colin McRae Rally II which all work well.

1) team fortress classic

2) day of defeat

3) diablo 2


unreal tournament

waiting on:

team fortress 2 (looks to be a long wait!)


much prefer ut over half-life, although half-life was better than unreal, daiblo2 rules as does all the nfs games, nfs3 kept my friend sane when he lost his liscense


Hi. Try using the compatibility mode for NFS. If i remember right the compatibility with Windows 98 works for the game.



Compatibility mode fixed my NFS3 issues.
My Unreal Tournament will reboot the computer sporadically in a LAN game though.


It didnt fix my problem getting the game to run. I tried all the compatibility modes and none of them helped. How come it works for some peopel and not others ? Could it be my Video card, Gforce 2 gts pro


It didn't works for me too, Jwin... I think the prob lie in the OS platform.. Now running NFS4 in another partition : Win ME...

...time to burn some rubber...


this should help

First, NFS 4 won't work on xp at all. It's a proven fact. Somehow need for speed 3 and 5 work just fine. I have NFS 3,4 and 5. 4 doens't work in any mode. So, i'll move on to NFS 5 PU... all you need to do is rename or delete the file Gimme.dll from the directory to which you installed the game. When you found it just rename it something like gimme.bak or something. That's what I did and it worx great now. Happy racin'.


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I'm telling you guys, I was playing NFS4 about an hour ago, and I didn't have to go into compatability mode, I simply installed the game and it worked. Guess I'm just lucky.:p


Im talking about need for speed High stakes, not sure if thats three or two, I think it two. isnt Three is Porche unleashed ?

Anyway I cant get need for speed high stakes to work, has anyone been able to get this one to work on XP ?
if so please please tell me what you did to get it to work, and please dont just post that you got it to work, if you had problems what did you do different?

Ive read most of the post on here and tried a few of them to no avail. Im about to consider going back to 98se and toss Xp on the shelf unless I get the games I like to play to work.
After all, Ive spent alot of my money buying softeware games and hardware to play the game in opt performance, so it doenst make any sence to waist all my investment over a Operating system that wont run half the old games I love to play.

Need for speed High Stakes is a very good game and I enjoy playing it.
Someone left a post reading that EA isnt supporting NFS running on XP. If thats the case, then I think EA is sadly mistaken not to. But then again why should they care, they made there money already :confused:

This is my system specks
Win XP pro
1.4 Amd Thunderbird
512 ram
64 meg Gforce 2 pro
60 gig HD

Not the top of the line, but I do what I can to keep up with the little cash flow I have. Im trying to save money to buy a house one day :D
ok Im really saving it for Never winter Nights :p


well... djwhite..seems like u r the the one destined to play nfs4 among us in XP.. hehe... just bought a M5 ..:D

hey Jwin, seriously u doesn't need to toss it on the shelf... just make 2 partition ( 1-> 98SE and 1 ->XP) and off u go to race with those M5 beast again...:cool:


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J win
NFS3 is Hot Pursuit
NFS4 is High Stakes
NFS5 is Porsche Unleashed

I am not sure about NFS 1 and 2, as I only joined the series at 3.
I am guessing though that NFS1 would be Need for Speed


I love NFS2.. been playing that with my P233 MMX that is equipped with on 64 MB RAM about 3 years ago... too bad the CD got scratch and died on me :( if not i would like to cruise pass those lamborghini with my McLaren... well i never played NFS3 as my PC couldn't support it anymore until now...