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Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
My friend has a financial aid company, currently running 8 servers, wants to wind up with 16



minimum bandwidth = 1000 gigabytes

must run debian, fedora, red hat

please offer live here
I can also recommend hosting at - they have dedicated and shared hosting that is competitive IMO.
got it guys, will give both a shout, will also try others too

I already picked up a plan from tinemax, if anyone has experience would like to hear about it
Is it Lord that has a hosting company?
From what I recall he does provide hosting, but I'm not sure he's grown to providing dedicated servers as of yet.

Could be wrong though.
He was looking to do everything himself, as in administrating and whatnot. That will take too much time, so I don't know if he is still looking for it or not.
I don't believe one can go from knowing nothing about linux/unix to being a pro and handling a server that will probably get attacked sometime in it's lifetime, configuring firewalls, identifying and closing attack points.

Even now people at UAT are moving to Linux and knowing next to nothing are having trouble troubleshooting. Finding out why something does what it does, or why it does it a certain way. I would think it would be dangerous to put something on a big pipe that allows it to be easily attacked. That is just me though.
It is dangerous. We have client that supposedly outsourced his day to day admin to a "leading support and security" firm and its hacked once a month. His admin company proceed to tell him the server is fine and its a networking issue. We login, take a look and point out where his admin company can see evidence of being hacked and then they agree with us.

They also left his Centos install at 3.3 for 2 years without even applying security patches, and he's paying $50-$100 a month.

Most people these days with dedicated servers *should not have one* period.

Seeing people turn around and say "erm... actually this is way beyond me, I'll rethink" is a good thing :)
Most people these days with dedicated servers *should not have one* period.

Seeing people turn around and say "erm... actually this is way beyond me, I'll rethink" is a good thing :)

If only many more people would do the same thing. There are too many posts on the forums that are by complete newbies that bought a dedicated server and have no clue how to run it, even-though it comes with cPanel/WHM. I point and laugh, and I get scorned by some of the other professionals, as all I am seeing from that point on is another box that is going to be used to send out mass spam at a high rate and DDoS other boxen, and participate in the SSH scans.

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