Need Antivirus recommendation, for network


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8 Jul 2002
Hey all,

Pick your brains on this one. Client of mine finally is coming around to want to spend money on a proper antivirus setup.

Here is the network setup at the office: 12 older Dell workstations, all Win2000Pro, 1 new File/DHCP Server Win2003, 1 newer Dell workstation XPPro (Boss's, go figure), and one older Win2000Pro machine being used as a gateway.

I am thinking Sophos, since it can be installed on the server, and monitor all the workstations from there.

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance,

Well I would go with if they offer a corporate version of your choice in anti-virus software. Outside of that I would suggest Symantec Client Security
NOD32 Enterprise Edition. I would take that over Sophos.

Interesting attachment is posted for your reference


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Thanks KC,

For the heads up.

heeter i agree with kc nod32 is the way to go. but the office you describe is fairly small, would they be prepared to spend THAT kind of money?
This is something that I am approaching them with later this week.

We will be discussing prices then, I do have other networking issues to resolve when I get there.

I did finally convince them to move from GNU licence to paid licence concerning the antivirus.

I am looking at the ESET website, and there is nothing for less than 5 servers plus workstations


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