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Need advise on getting either seagate or maxtor HD



Just hoping for some input or advise on which hard drive I should get.

I can get either an 80gb 7200 rpm Seagate Barracuda IV or an 80gb 7200 rpm Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 for about the same total cost.

The Maxtor is the latest model out, whereas the Seagate is a previous model (Seagate has Barracuda V's out now). The Maxtor also supports ata133 vs. ata100 with the seagate, though this doesn't really matter to me.

My main priorties are a stable drive that is QUIET!
My current maxtor 40gb drive makes more noise than I can tolerate, I hear it over my power supply and it drives me nuts. I want a drive that makes as little noise as possible. If it can do that, run reliably, and have good performance (doesn't have to be a speed demon, but just above average) then I'm a happy camper.

From what I've read, the Barracuda IV is certainly quiet, but the new Maxtor is supposedly pretty quiet too. All things being equal, I certainly wouldn't mind the latest technology, but my main priority of quiet and reliable performance.

Anyone got any advice?

ps - i can get a maxtor with an 8mb buffer as opposed to the 2mb that the other 2 drives have, it will cost about $20 more, worth it? does that change anything?



sorry for the extended post, just thought i'd add a few bits of info.

my system is a PIII 750 running on an AOPEN ax6sp with a max of ata100 (that's why the ata133 doesn't really matter to me).

also, the maxtor i mentioned with 8mb buffer is also an 80gb 7200rpm Maxtor Diamondmax plus 9, just with a larger buffer.



i'd go for the seagate. they are very quiet. i have both an ibm and western digital drive and they both make a **** load of noise, however i can't even hear the seagate if my ear is up against it.

From seagate.com:

Best combination of performance, acoustics and robustness

2.5 bels idle acoustics - the industry's best

SoftSonic (TM) FDB motor on every drive - Quietest acoustics on any desktop drive


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I've got a Seagate Barracuda IV and when I first installed it I thought it was a broken because I couldn't here a peep out of it, but then I remember that the reason I bought it was because it's the quietest hard disk (at the time of purchase, roughly 8 months ago).


I've got a Maxtor 40Gb 7200rpm Plus 8 which has the fluid bearings although not all through out the drive like the Plus 9. I have it in a removable tray for easy access and I have never heard it make a noise once. I cant hear it when it reads or writes. I was really impressed cause the drive I had before was an IBM and I thought that was pretty quiet.

Anyway enough of my rantings. I would say both drives are pretty damn good and the 8Mb buffer MAY help speed the drive up under bussy loads but i dont think it'll make much difference. Personal choice really.
The Seagate Barracuda V is dead silent. I have a 120 GB one. It's "reading sound" is somewhat "louder" than my previous WD120SE though (which was _very_ silent on that part).


For what it's worth my maxtor has been pretty good. As for how loud it is ....you couldn't hear a jet take off over the sound of my fans:D :D

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