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Need Advice !

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Hey guys please advise ..

1: Webhost ... prefere in Canada , US second choice
2: Need to have blog, email , forum ( not sure ) , easy to use tools
3: Approx how much getting a few nice web pages will cost ..

I have been asked to be the head at work for a project and would like some ideas , and help , I am willing to hire a hitman to help me get the project off the ground ( yes you will be paid ) ..



OSNN Veteran Original
Nice drz01, I don't really know of any in Canada they are the first. And if you need to contract out any graphic work or layout work for the website I am offering my services.

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Thanks guys Bman ... yes I will be looking for ideas and layouts and yes I will keep you in mind ..


This looks like what I want ........ they have a good rep and seems to offer exactly what I need ..

ie: Blog and other tools

keep the ideas/offers coming guys

Bman I will contact you for and with details in the coming weeks this project will last 2 years min.. maybe longer


OSNN Veteran Original
Sounds good, just let me know.

And those guys do look good, it's hard to tell because there aren't many recommended Canadian places.

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