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Basically I'm going to put up a bunch of those "0wned' and "pwned" pics/videos/etc up on a site . What I want is:

A ratings system where visitors can rate a pic, something like choosing a number between 1-10.

A page where the Top 10 rated pics will be displayed using the ratings.

A page where the Top 50 rated pics will be displayed using the ratings.

I'm sure that doing something like this will require PHP or something like that, so I'd like to know what language I should use. I'd also like to know how large the learning curve is going be.



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Thanks for the link G0Nz0, seems like what I want to do.

It would be better if I could code all that myself though, that's why I wanted to know how long it would take to learn enough PHP/whatever to do something like that.


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Learning curve = quite big.
It's not just PHP, that side should be fairly easy, as you can view many examples that do the same thing, but there's also MySQL (Or PorteSQL) to learn too, unless you wish to store the ratings in flat-files of course, then it can be pure files, and no SQL Daemon... depends what you want to do :)


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Yup, flat files would mean saving the votes into a file. most people would give it a .txt extension and call it a text file, but in essence, it's just a file.

I'm not saying it's an easier option, you still need to learn how to handle files with PHP, just as you'd have to learn how to handle or rather command an SQL daemon is you went down that road. SQL is more efficient at storing data, not that you'd notice on a small site. ie: running NTFS off flat-files would cause problems, running a shout-box or blog off flat-files won't make any (real) difference


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That's such a cool idea o_87.:cool:
It'll give us all equal footing with gonaads in the pic wars lol :p
Seriously though, I think a home & ratings system for all those files would be cool.
They're pretty hard to keep track of unless you live in a desolate state of nothingness :D


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#8 on flat files would cause the server load to be up so high, that loggin in thru SSH would be impossible.

Personally i like MySQL as its nice and easy, but it doesnt handle big databases all that well, and personally i am going to look at alternatives.

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