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Need a replacement laptop cdrw/dvd drive


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I workin on my b uddys Toshiba laptop, its a Satellite 2435-s255. The drive is a TEAC dw-224e. Ive looked on ebay and just through google and found they are kinda $$$$. I was wondering if anyone new of a website or maybe another drive i could use. Also i just noticed one of the two fans is broken...i need to fix that as well...
There was a thread on that where I found a reasonably priced place with good selection. Can't find it now...

All the places I am finding are $180-$230 for a cd/dvd combo. Except for this at $146 -

At those prices I'm thinking usb external, lol.

Pull the unit and see if the real manufacturers name and part number is on it. Searching from the manufacturer should be cheaper, unless it really is a TEAC made drive.
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Yea its a TEAC CW-224e...what a bust....maybe just ebay it..you would think there would be other drives that COULD fit into the bay
They could fit and they might actually work. It all depends on if TEAC used a proprietary interface to the drive. If it is a standard laptop IDE interface it might be able to use any brand.

Got another laptop you can pull the drive out of and try it?

Make sure the cables are identical before trying it.

Example of some of the things they do on laptops:

If you compare the optical drive interface let us know what you find. There is nothing on the web about this. There are dozens of sites on adapting laptop HD's.
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