Need a *QUIET* PC Case

what is your price range ?

here are a few links... that site is basically ripping you off btw :)

same case as your link but black...

same case but cheaper...|CASX&Item_code=CASX_LILI_60_70

both priced cheaper than the link you had

a nice case by antec that is also pretty quiet... it looks nicer in real life than in the picture btw :)

and my local store's product

these are all quiet computing solutions... they are rather decent in terms of noise... my friend has a separate sonata running and its pretty decent...

alternatively get the lian-li cases I linked... and get either an enermax or zalman psu that are rated 'quiet'

make sure to get liquid bearing hdd's with lower rpm's and also get rubber washers for your fans and the like :)

it'll keep your case nice and quiet...
don't know what you will use it for, but if you want NO sound, I'd look at a transmeta processor - no fan for cooling required!
the lian li you picked out ROCKS- GET IT GET IT GET IT--- sigh i want it too >_<

oh and also the coolermaster wave one is awesome too =)
I was looking for a tower for about $150 or close to that, so the Antec Piano is definately out since it is a desktop... Great research Sazar... You found the case so I didn't ahve too :)
to find a quiet case that doesn't cost a fortune, start by finding one that uses a 120mm exhaust fan. remember; the larger the fan, the more air it pushes, the more reliable it is, and the quieter it will be. ;)

so that, with a decent heatsink and a low-speed 80mm or 92mm fan, a quiet power supply, and a quiet gpu heatsink and you have a quiet case with a good amount of airflow.

to go farther, you can buy your own sound-deadening mat material and line your case yourself.

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