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Ok, So its been awhile since I fiddled around with new hardware. But its time to upgrade as games are becoming out of my reach. However I want to do it on a budget and not really sure where to start.

I need the following and want to get the best bang for my buck.

Mother board
CPU (quad core?)
Graphics Card
Ram (is 4 gigs enough now?)
Sound card if on board doesn't do it for games still.

I would prefer to buy from amazon or newegg and am looking to only spending 400-600 bucks.

Any help would be appreciated for this old OSNN member.
More than 4 gig ram not neccessary, quadcore CPU not neccessary. However, if you want to be future proof then yea, or run the Vixta 64OS then yea. Now by budget (best bang for the buck) I compiled a wish list at newegg check your private message.


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Newegg List:
Total came to $633 before shipping, but that list is just a suggestion. You could easily going with 4x1GB ram, or a smaller hard drive like a 320GB AAKS which would be fast. The video card could be reduced a little bit. But overall, that's a pretty decent build.

AMD X4 9600 - $89.99 Free Shipping
ASRock K10N78 (motherboard) - $67.99
OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) - $44.99 - Free Shipping
Western Digital 640GB AALS - $79.99
PNY GTX260 216 Processing Cores - $179.99 -$20 MIR Free Shipping
Antec 500W Earthwatts - $79.99 Free Shipping
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme gamer - $94.99 Free Shipping


Blame me for the RAZR's
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ShepsCrook its been awhile hope things are going well. Thanks for taking the time in helping me.

Couple of things,

  • Is that sound card really worth 90 bucks? I am not really an audiophile and think I could reduce some cost there.
  • Was thinking of picking up a case with a decent power supply in it. Still a bad idea doing that quality wise?
  • Was looking at one of these hardrives wondering if the speed would be worth the extra 90 bucks for it.
  • Additionally, I am looking for a decent NAS enclosure for 2x 1 Ter Drives Maybe running RAID 1 for data redundancy.
  • Any one have any thoughts on these drives for the enclosure?
I'd say core i7, asus or DFI mainboard, asus xonar or auzentech prelude 4+GB ram and vista 64/windows 7.

For graphics I'd say geforce 260(290 core version) or geforce 270.


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I'd say go with a regular core 2 quad cpu. It'll be a lot cheaper than i7 and better than Amd.
Don't get a dual core now... games coming this holiday season and beyond will most likely take advantage of 3-4 cores.
4gb of ram is the way to go, just get 2x2gb and you can always double that later.
I like the gpu that Shep chose, and Lord's suggestions are good too.
If you wanna get a gaming audio card, get this one. Anything not pci-e by Creative is last gen. Also, while I think that the Xonar and Auzentech ones are great, I think they're most suited for movies/music than gaming.


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the phenom I? yes.. if it was the II, it wouldnt be THAT bad

and bout the core vs i7
this is only 214 and its a great cpu
also, u need to add the motherboard to go with it... the prices vary a lot for s775 cpus (core 2 series) but x58 mb (the i7 ones) are only high end, so expect to pay a lot -even if they are really good, still-.
Hey VenomXT! It has been a while. I've been busy with life and this past year hasn't been the greatest year for me. But I'm making a comeback. And you?

Well, honestly I'd go with a C2D Quad Core, but to fit in the budget it makes it a bit hard. That's why I suggested the Phenom. I'm running Q6600 for my Gaming rig and my HTPC. It's a great processor and can be had used for a great price.

If you can find someone selling a used Q series.

And no, if you don't need the latest audio, your Audigy 2 can do a pretty decent job. Although you won't get the EAX5.0 that new games will utilize.
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You might be better of just ordering a core i7 from Dell if you're wanting high performance or Quad for mid-high range.
These days it's usually cheaper to buy a complete system than to build yourself, especially if you're on a budget.
The only thing is is if he went with Core i7 @ Dell, he's spending at least $799 before any coupon code which Dell doesn't do as many anymore. So he's already a couple hundred over budget.


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I would agree with Lord, however that is relative to what kind of games you are playing or basing the needs for performance off of. Core2 Quad with 4gig ram and a decent video card will play any game out there, depending on resolution. What scale of that hardware you want will determine price. Intel seems to be winning in performance, but AMD is still cheaper for close to that performance. I would stay away from pre-built. Not that much cheaper, and if it is, you probably don't want it. Because the stuff in it is certainly CHEAPER. My personal preference is a case without a power supply. I have bought two modular quiet power supplies and love them. Very organized and very quiet fans that still move a lot of air. Spendy, but worth the quality.
Well, I hate to dampen your spirits, but the Core i7 will not run on that motherboard. You need an X58 motherboard for Core i7. The cheapest motherboard for them on Newegg is $174.99. That and you'd need DDR3 ram at about $75 per 6GB. (3x2GB)

I see a lot of Q6600 processors on HardForums FS/FT section going for around $150.


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VenomXt, just finished a system about a week ago, I know your pain. I had the same thought as you and just when with my gut. I purchased a AMD 9750, XFX 750a SLI, and 4GB of patriot viper, two weeks before I picked up a three hundred case by Antec, good case great air movement. A week later I purchased another 4GB of ram and put it out together with a 600 watt power supply I already had. Purchased alot of it on sale at Frys, add it up it was about $470.00 flat. System work great on Vista and Window 7, good luck on your choices, oh the video card I'm using is a XFX 9800 GT, which I'm thinking about buying another, again good luck and happy shopping.

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