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need a new phone


screwed up my nokia 3220. now...what is the best phone i get get for 100 quid or under. (equivilent to $175 and under).


thats what i thought. moto v3 is gud..crap memory...what bout the rokr. thats only 105. shud i get dat. dats a gud phone (yes it is mafia69.)
Depends on what you want in terms of features. You can get a PAYG simple Siemens A62 for £10 on Orange PAYG, a Nokia 3120 (which I have) also on Orange for only £34.99 PAYG. Or if you want something a little more modern with some added extras, you could look at the Samsung X660 and Motorolla V3.

It all really depends on whether you are looking for PAYG/Rental, which provider is also a deciding factor as handset prices tend to differ on defferent networks (something I have never understood).

Shamus MacNoob

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themafia.69 said:
because in general they suck compared to sony ericsson and nokia, and siemens


They all have problems somewhere look at how Nokia gets attacked

While looking at this information - I discovered that this particular phone OS has been hit several times in the last 2 years by trojan like programs. I can't find anything on the Nokia site that indicates that a patch is available. I wonder if it isn't time for Nokia to take a serious look at fixing the problem? Especially since one of these new ones allows someone with another Bluetooth device to steal the user's information.
themafia.69 said:
because in general they suck compared to sony ericsson and nokia, and siemens
I think people were looking for a technical answer like:

they have poor signal range or the batteries blow up in your hand (no, that was nokia) or they are mechanically flimsy or the user interface is non-intuitive. "they suck" is pretty useless as feedback.


i agree with that. i want the best phone i can get for the price on pay as u go.

iv found some good offers

1)motorola rokr £105
2)motorola v1050 £100
3)motorola v3 £110
4)sharp gx25 £80
5)nokia 6101 £90
6)sony ericsson v600i £90

which one would u lot reccomend out of these.

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Myself I have a Sony Ericson and it is a very good phone, So I can say SE make nice phones.

That does not mean that other brands "suck" << lol :laugh:


im really spoilt for choice. i dont no. the only ones i would count out now are the nokia and the sharp...other than that im stuck.


that doesnt really help. whats the best phone there. i need gud memory so that counts out the v3. the se doesnt have much so lets count out that. that leaves between the rokr nd the v1050. mafia wont be happy im down to 2 motorolas lol.


ok i cant get the motorola 1050 in my area anymore.....it was clearence stock and it was all sold out and i cant be assed to go 100 miles for a phone.
the rokr it is unless u can suggest any of the others or anything else.

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