Need a new Computer... any suggestions?

Reviving cuz I've got the same question. My laptops have been Dells for the last couple of years (well, the last one HAS been a couple of years) and I've got no complaints. None at all.

But I do have questions. I do want a new computer. Apparently even the lowest end anything is faster than what I've got now. I don't need a laptop, and actually, I don't think I want one ... I want a BIG monitor and a keyboard that moves around.

I don't game and have no plans to, but at one time I will want to run Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Windows Media Player, and Word (in addition to McAfee firewall and other related stuff). Effectively.

For a while I won't have a DVD player or television, either, so kinda would like to be able to be entertained via the monitor-as-movie-player if possible.

I'd like thoughts on XP (with which I'm comfortable and all my apps run on) versus Vista (can I even get a new machine not installed w/vista?) ... I'm okay with paying for the installed OS and MS tools. I use 'em. I haven't spent much time customizing anything and am not very savvy about anything but the tools I use.

I'll probably be trying to run off the local Google wifi using a Ruckus router.

Oh, and I need a printer, too.

In fact, I think I need a babysitter since I sound so random ... but that's out of my budget.

What do you guys recommend in the way of machine specs, monitor, sources, and so on?

I guess the first question I have is, what is your bottom line budget dollar wise? This way everyone can have an idea on how to respond. :)
I guess the first question I have is, what is your bottom line budget dollar wise? This way everyone can have an idea on how to respond. :)


Less than $1K for the computer? Is that reasonable?

I want a 19" flat panel monitor with excellent resolution. As little as possible.

I guess budget is something that's flexible ... I want a good monitor and don't know the $$ parameters.

Where's my folding badge, anyway? I need a stinkin badge!
If you are looking for a bundle package, with Windows XP, DELL is a good place to go. There are many deals right now. I will put a few links for you to look at. Maybe it will give you an idea. with your price range :)

DELL XPS 210/includes 19" monitor
thanks, td ... but what's the difference between the $999 and the $1238 versions? They look identical to me!

THIS is why I have such troubles.

Gak :)

But $1238 is certainly within my price range :)
From what I see after clicking through what is included with each is the more expensive one has a DVD recorder drive and a bigger monitor (20 vs 19).
I have just built my own SLI Computer (2 graphic cards) months ago and i must say it's great. also duel boot Vista-U & XP-P

next one will have 4 graphic cards when i can afford it.

So my advice is spend the money and build a SLI machine as i will last you a long time.
From what I see after clicking through what is included with each is the more expensive one has a DVD recorder drive and a bigger monitor (20 vs 19).

Thanks, AZ ... You know, I'd hate to have to do without this forum now. You guys are so patient!
The Dell 210 has on board video that uses your main memory. That is going to be a speed problem with photoshop and choke off too much memory. If you ebentually plan on running VISTA the memory loss will be a major pain. You either want to go to 4 gig of memory or switch to a stand alone video card. Both of these approaches is a problem with Dell, since they will grossly over charge you for the upgrades.

Check if the MB has a PCI-e slot to upgrade the video. You can get surprisingly decent cards for under $100 now. The video upgrade is the best option. You just disable the on board video. You might even find a decent card with TV tuner built in. If not tuner cards run about $50 if there is enough room for 2 cards on the Dell MB.

Some things to be aware of:
1) VISTA probably will not run your older version of photoshop which means an expensive upgrade or setting up the system for dual boot with XP (actually easy and will not void your warantee).
2) The RAM installed will fill the available slots so upgrading to more than 3 gig means getting rid of that ram and buying 2 new stick.
3) If you have a copy of XP you can move to the new machine then get the new machine with VISTA (but choose a model that has the PX option to ensure driver availability) and install you own XP as dual boot. Dual boot does not void warantees as long as the original VISTA instal is left alone.
4) If your printing demands are not too high (number of prints or photo quality) Walmart has a niced little HP with inexpensive inks available for $34.
5) Monitors - be aware that LCD displays are not trure color and may cause issues if you are doing photo work. If it is web design then the LCD is fine.

Good luck.
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Wow, Lee ... THAT was a lotta info :)

Since my holiday gift of an external hard drive didn't work with my laptop, but it worked with every other computer in the house, I pulled in my timeline for purchase and made one last night.

A plain laser jet is still in the future, but I got a Dell desktop with a bazillion more everything than what I'm currently using. The photo stuff I do is for web, not fine art, so I think the LED screen will be fine, and I selected XP, since I know that Photoshop, Illustrator (that's the BIG HOG), DreamWeaver etc. etc. all work effectively. Just not all at once. Especially if I run Lotus Notes, too.

Thanks for the help and giving me the confidence to take the big step on my own!

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