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Need a little more help with my hd


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Ok, So heres the story, my original hard drive was a maxtor 40 gig, I picked up a new 120 gig WD cavier,se yesterday, I installed it today. I think i installed it correctly * its my first new HD* Windows xp installed fine, everything seems to be running right, I made 3 partitions roughly, 40, 40, 40 no problems, then i noticed when my hard drive is thinking; my power light flickers as well, I dont remeber my old one doing that before, Im wondering if i may have hooked up my new one wrong, all i did was replace the old one and hooked up the new one in the same spot, everything seems fine but I want to make sure. also it takes my new hard drive 3 times as long to boot then my old hard drive, is that because its a larger hard drive? or is it because i did something wrong? In a previous thread it was suggested that i image my hd and go that route, but i had so much crap on it i wanted to just go clean, is there anyway i can hook up my old hd just to transfer the files and ill keep it as back up anyways "just incase" heres hoping i dont need it. My mobo is an old a7a266,

Thanks guys,


The Analog Kid
1) I'm pretty sure the light you are seeing is your IDE activity light. Yes this is normal.

2) Look in device manager and make sure that the new drive is running in UDMA 5 mode.


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Ok for fear of being called an ubernoob 1. I am aware of the the light that flashes *the one that shows a cylinder* what im saying is before it was just my bottom light that flashed and now its both the light bulb and the cylinder* and 2, under the device magager it says, Disk0, Type Basic, Stats Online, P.S MBR, but i cant remember where to look for the UDMA, Ok i am a damn noob


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Couldn't you simply leave the old drive there as slave? That's the easiest way I know for transfering what you want from it - then when done just reformat.

So far as speeding your bootup process I do not think there should be any difference - you may want to look at running bootvis to optimise that ....

Hope it all works out for you


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now*Yawn* when i boot up my computer from a complete shut down i get a non-system disk error and its not detecting my hd, but when i press my reset button it boots fine, or when i restart it boots fine, WTH is happening? I have to go to work so ill check this post after or at lunch if i have time.


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Hope you took the floppy out :p and what is the order of your boot devices? Hard to see why it is booting differently on a reset though I have to admit


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no theres no *floppy in the drive* :p perhaps i put the jumper in the wrong spot? that little plastic thing that comes with my HD. and my boot time still takes forever. and yes on intital boot it says, Disk boot error, insert system disk, and then if i press reset it boots fine, with considerable load time however on the windows boot screen 1 to 2 mins, on my old maxtor it was like BAM and it was on after a clean install, Could it be my drivers or did i mess up my hard drive install all together?


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primary slave= WDC1200JB-xxxxx, Secondary Master= Lite-On CD-RW, Secondary slave= Lite-On DVD Boot order, 1,IDE Device WDC1200, 2, Removeable, Legacy floppy, 3, Atapi CD-ROM Light-on, 4, Int18 Device


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ok so I got home from work, opened my case and had a look at the ten pin *I believe* jumper i noticed there was one on it already along with the one that came with it. looked at my hard drive, and noticed it was set to cable; so i pulled it out and placed it in the master slot and dont get the *Disk boot error, insert system disk* thing any more however my hard drive still takes awhile to boot up, perhaps i should just format install that partition again maby it was something in the install messed up?

I love this new drive and I hope it dont crap out on me, it dosnt sound like its going to explode when i shut it down like my maxtor did lol :)

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