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Need a little HELP



and don't know where to put this other than here. :D :D

I want to make my hard drive (30mb) in to two partisions. One for Win98SE and the other for WinXP-Pro. I plan this on a clean harddrive.

I have alway just used one large partision (the whole drive) Primary DOS Partision and that was it.

I want SE to be my main drive and I will stick with FAT 32 on XP as well as SE. Any idea how I can go about this and what size partision should I make for each.

Many thanks.


OK this is pretty easy once you know how.

Boot off your 98se bootdisk, and hold the CTRL key once the disk starts to be loaded. Shortly after a menu will appear pick command prompt from the list (might be named slightly different/...safe mode command prompt? -- long time since i done this!).

type FDISK at the prompt.
You will be asked if you want to enable large disk support, select YES.

Now delete any existing partitions (primary & extended).. you will see options for each (primary/extended)

Once deleted create a new PRIMARY partition, press N to NOT use the entire drive, when asked to set a size type 50% you should next be asked to make the drive active (option2 --i think).

Now create an extended dos partition, again for the size type 50%, and then select to use all of the extended partition on the next step.

Now use option4 to check your partitions , should all be OK now.

REboot with 98se disk, and pick NO CD-ROM support. At the dos prompt type FORMAT C: /s (this will format C: with FAT32 (for98se) and make it bootable.



Reboot again, this time go into your BIOS and select the CD-ROM drive as the 1st boot device.

Pop the XP CD into your CD drive and exit the BIOS, saving your settings.

XP should now start to loadup off the CD. Pick the extended partition when you are asked where to install XP, and format the drive either with FAT32 or NTFS (I'd recommend NTFS). Then XP will start installing.

On the next reboot, go into the BIOS and make C the 1st boot device instead of CD-ROM.

When finished and at every reboot you should now get the option to run either 98se or XP.



Try This!!!

You will need to start the XP installation, using the Xp Boot Diskettes, and then from the installation, you can use use Windows own pertition manager FDisk, which is the thing that asks you to pick a partition to insatll Xp on, before the files are copied.

Download the Win Xp Boot Disk Utility from Microsoft.com. Start it, and it will ask you to insert a floppy disk, 6 floppies all together, one after the other, which it will format, and write the Boot Disk files to. Also create a Win 98SE Boot Disk, if you dont already have one.

Now boot your PC up, the one that you want Win 98SE and Win XP on, with the Boot Disk 1 inserted, and it will load, and tell you to put the next one in, follow through till all six have been done, and it should ask you for the Win XP cd, put it in, and start the installation, but when it asks you to pick the partition on your Hard Drive, chose one, and give it the size you want (20 Gig should be enough). Leave the rest of the space unpartitioned for now, as it will be for your Win 98 SE. Install XP, and then re-boot.

Place the Win 98SE Boot Disk inside, and start the setup for that, but when it asks you to pick the partition, then pick the unpartitioned place, and install on that.

Then you can start Win XP or Win 98SE form the OS menu that will be displayed at start-up.


You UK guys do good work . I think I can handle it now. I never tried it before and rather read up and screw up a day I figured someone would have a short cut. :D :D

Again Many Thanks. ;)

BTW AfTheRock , you registered on my birthday Dec. 5 , 1928
:eek: :eek:


stuy_b and AfTheRock I finally found time for my project and wanted to let you know things were off just as expected. GREAT, best instructions I have ever had Mr. stuy_b:D :D :D

Thanks again.

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