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Need a game


Way too much time here...
My little brother wants a game for xmas. He said a game like the Kings Quest Games.

I was thinking of Fallout maybe. Any ideas??

Like King's Quest? That would be in the "Adventure" genre. Fallout is a great game, but it's more like an RPG. Take a look at http://www.justadventure.com for some good reviews of games of the adventure variety. Hmm...Broken Sword 3 is the best game this year in that category. Syberia is getting old, so you can get it very cheap. There are quite a few others that are a lot of fun, too. I just started The Longest Journey and it's looking pretty good so far.


Way too much time here...
Ragnarok: No worries mate!

I ended up getting Morrowind. Looked pretty cool and someone recommended it to me as a good RPG. He loves the Diablo series too so this should be ok.

Saz, I was going to get URU or whatever it is but it is $100au, Morrowind was $40. Hehehehe

NeverWinter Nights is a fantastic game, IceWind Dale is just Baldurs Gate again (not complaining, great game, but a bit outdated now). Dungeon Siege is another alternative too.

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