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the retarded one
i need help people! what's the best and quietest fan for an athlon xp1600+? I've got a thermatake volcano 7 and the noise is driving me mad, it gets up to 37db, are there any quieter ones?
any ideas?


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alternatively keep the cpu cooled a little better therefore the fan will run at a lower RPM and be quieter overall for you :)

btw volcano 7+ requires assembly.. which knocked my pants off... :( lol...


Oh dear Sazar, thats not good gettin ya pants knocked off (unless by a blonde or brunette!!) lol :D

macromp, check out they have a good range of fans, and detailed info.


the retarded one
Thanks guys, i only posted that about 20 mins ago! You guys work fast, p.s how do i keep the cpu cooler, you can probably tell i'm new to hardware and stuff.
Thanks again


I only have a stockhsf, but runs idle 38/39c and load max 42, but today it's 30 degrees celsius i even reached 50 for the first time:p, i wanna buy a new cooler too...what should i do?


A good way to keep the CPU cool (apart from stuffing it into an iceberg) is to have good air flow. Try to keep all cables out of the way, and tucked around the edges away from the mainbaord.

If your setting your case up with fans.. have equal CFM being drawn in and sucked out. i.e. an 80mm fan in front and 80mm fan on rear.

Use artic silver compound instead of the standard white thermal compound, as the artic silver conducts and disipates the heat better between the CPU & HS/FAN.


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stuy_b covers the basics of how to keep the case cool...

also a good case does help... I have a server case and it has very good airflow throughout... even though at the moment I have a number of cables ( I am moving to rounded cables in a month or two to keep things simpler/looking nicer/less cluttered better airflow ) I also have 2 outtake and 2 intake fans into my case...

the room temperature rarely exceeds 75degrees fahrenheit...

my cpu runs at around 36-40 degrees C at all times...

if you can keep your cpu cool by reducing clutter/increasing airflow and using the appropriate thermal compound your temperature on the cpu will drop and you will be able to have a quiter volcano 7

those are good coolers btw... mine is just a bit heavier and not as kewl looking and it has a variable speed adjustment thingy... I leave it on medium for now... so she hums along...



u could use the same setup i have

akasa silver mountain2
60-80 fan adapter
80mm antec led fan

runs at 2500~2800 rpm

very quiet:)

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