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need a certain case...


hardware monkey
for xmas, i'm gonna build a computer for my gf's aunt and cousin. i'll be using a micro-atx board with onboard video, audio, and lan... so no extra cards.

does anyone know where i can buy a slim case that holds such a board and has room for one hd and one cdrom (sideways)? thanks.

i found some.. they're called "flex cases"... but still interested in finding some quality ones that aren't ugly.


hardware monkey
i'm already getting the motherboard for $50.. i just need a flex atx case for like another $50. i'm not really interested in spending $300+ for one of those shuttle barebones or equivalent. i've made one those before... it was neat and everything, but looking back, it was kind of a waste of money.

anyways, i've found some good candidates. either this suntek one or this one from directron.

thanks anyways, guys.

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