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Need a bit of help on temps & gfx problem



Firstly, I have an AMD 2000+ (as u can see below) with arctic thermal 3 compound on me thermaltake volcano 7+ and a copper cpu shim. I have 2x 80mm fans extracting, 1x 80mm blowing from the front and a zalman fan bracket with 1x 92mm fan blowing on my gf4's memory chips.
Im using my mobo's monitor program called "PC Alert 4".
When the HSF is running at quiet mode (3500rpm) cpu temp is at 63C. In medium fan setting (4800rpm) cpu temp is at 57C. In high fan setting (loudest :( 6200rpm) cpu temp is at 55C.

The ambient temp of the room is 26c I think ... so is my cpu running to hot, i do like to have a silent system, so I tent to keep me HSF on low to medium setting, so do I need more fans, or air con or what ???
Please Help

Secondly, I play counter strike, i get constant 85 fps, i use reforce to bump up me refresh rate on me monitor for cs, so desktop and games are at 75hz, I have vsync ON me gf4 is NOT o/c but when I play cs online i get constant 85fps, but it jumps down to 60-70fps every 2-5 seconds(very annoying:mad:), but this does not happen when I play cs on LAN?
Please Help

Kind Regards
Steve [ Sh|te ]


The Voices Talk to Me
Well I would look into a top exaust fan, (go large 92mm - 120mm slow and quiet with good flow), I would also recomend going with larger rear exaust fans if you can, again larger, slower, higher air flow and quieter.

Beyond that maybe round IDE and Floppy cables will help take it down 1-3C. But, reguardless air cooling is loud. Mine sounds like a hair dryer all the time. 63C is not "that bad" but it is always better if it is cooler. The cooler your system and components the longer they will last and the better the performance of the components.

If noise is a major concern you might want to look into active cooling solutions like water cooling or evap cooling systems. They are expensive but they definatly do the job.

As far as your frame rates on CS online, you also have to take your connection into consideration. Most connections start out very strong and then "fade" down to a constant level. This is due to the data transfer protocals and how they work. If you system has to wait on the network for screen data, your frame rates will drop. My only advice would be to make sure that you shut down all non essential programs and services to free up your system resources to give your internet connection it's best possible operating performance.


Thanks HEAPS Maveric,
Your information was VERY helpful, as for the big phatt fan at the top of my case, I dont have a dremal, or other tool like that, at my house at the moment what could I use instead?, and this may sound silly but usually ne one would take out there components to modify there case, but if I was to be cutting a hole in the top of my case I could put a container on the inside of my case and cut from the top so all the fillings and swarf would fall into the container, or will the vibrations and stuff cause my components to stuff up? just a question.

My case is very non cluttered, I have rounded IDE cables and have used many cable ties to clean up all the wires.

As for the CS I have ADSL, with a constant ping of 20 - 50, with no choke or loss.
but yeah, I will try to research moreinto the problem, and find some solutions.

Kind Regards
Steve [ Sh|te ]

P.S I do have a Chigsaw though.
You said the room temp is 26C (thats 79F which is kinda hot by my standards).

What is your system case temp reading? It shoudld be in the 35-40 deg range.

If the case interior temp is under 40 then the cpu temps at the fan speeds you listed are about right.

If the temp inside the case is 35 or below then something is wrong with the way the heatsink is mounted to the cpu. Could be too much arctic silver, the copper shim could be too thick, the heat sink could be mounted backwards. Also make sure your cpu heatsink and fan aren't clogged with dust.

Take the side off your case, set the CPU fan to medium and see what your cpu temp is. If it drops a lot (5-10C) then your case cooling is no good. Probably not enough openings at the front. I've seen a lot of cases with 3-4 fans and no holes to let cool air in.

I run my run my cpu fan at 5200-5400 rpm, its the best trade between noise and airflow.

BTW forget low speed with an XP2000, never be enough cooling.
CPU tempsin low to mid 50's is ok it leaves room to heat up for when the gaming gets really hectic. Keep out of the 60's.


Well every thing is on correctly, and when I take the side off, the temperature does drop considerably, so it is in-efficient cooling with the fans.

This is my case : http://www.pccasegear.com.au/prod478.htm

So I will be putting a 92mm or 120mm on the top of my case extracting more hot air.

The reason why my house is hot (26C) is because I live in Australia, and it is Summer, therefore it is an average of 36 - 40C degrees outside. :(

Where do u live ? :huh:

Kind Regards
Steve [ Sh|te ]

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