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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by FishBoy, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. hi i just got an NEC 3520 dvd writer is that any good or is the 3500 better, i gave my 3500 to my dad that's why i got a new one
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    So you answered your own question.. the 3520 is an upgraded 3500 and is a bit better. :) How much did you get it for?
  4. loool that's true i didn't even realize, oh well i also put information for other people to see :D
  5. this is weird i put shrek 2 into my drive and when i selected a thing in the menu my nec did a weird sound like it was stuck or something but the menu didn't freeze it kept on going... how do i find out if my drive is in good shape?

    edit: ok now i was playing the movie on power dvd and then i opened dvd decrypter while closing power dvd and it did that sound again, it was doing that scrubbing noise like a printer again
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    NEC DVD burners are some of the best in general. BenQ are good too. The 3520 should be as good as the 3500. Plus, if you take a look over at cdfreaks, you should be able to find custom firmware that will tweak the drive, or even turn it back to a 3500.
  7. i check on there are no firmware updates yet
    and lol why would i wanna turn it back into a 3500

    well anyway im replacing my driver with another 3520 tomorrow coz this one is messed it's making noises so i'll update the new one