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nec 2510a


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well, i took the plunge and bought this dvd burner from newegg.com. i hope it turns out to be a good drive.

my friend gave me a spindle of 25 memorex 4x dvd-r. are they any good?


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i guess that means memorex didn't actually make them, they just put their name on them.

my dvd player will only play -r and +rw so that worked out.


The Analog Kid
That is correct, memorex does not manufacture their discs. As for your dvd player, if you want it to play +R, try looking at cdfreaks.com, there is probably a booktype setter for your drive that you can use to set +R to DVD-Rom. Helps with compatibility.


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now i understand. thanks man for all your help. you seem to always be the first to respond to all of my dumb questions and you always have smart and helpful answers.


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i've actually repped you so much that i have to rep someone else before i can rep you again.

"You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to dreamliner77 again."

You can download a copy of dvdinfo to read the details off a DVD blank.

Fuji also puts their name on other people's media. My favorite DVD anecdote is the guy who bought a 100 pack spindle of Fuji's and found 3 different brands of blanks in it.


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let me know how it works...I have the 2500a and there are modded firmware for it to make it into your dvd burner so I can burn dl layer dvds...I've read everywhere it's the same hardware so it shouldn't be too dangerous for me...

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