Near Space Balloon Launch: CONNERY-2


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5 Dec 2001
As some of you may know, I am involved in the near space balloon launching at UAT, we launched CONNERY-2, our second balloon this weekend, this time we choose to launch right before sunset, this way we were hoping for spectacular pictures to come back down. And boy were we right!

All the pictures are online, at

However, if you want to view just a few of the highlights, the following pictures are my favourites:

And just in case you guys were wondering what it was like to launch the second balloon, I believe this picture says it all, right before we let go:

Count down (only the launch-master is holding the payload at the time):

And off we are:

Please note the pictures are copyrighted, and if you do place them somewhere publicly accessible please provide proper credit back to the UAT near space team (

On our last launch some jackass ripped the pictures off and claimed them to be his own.

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