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ne1 know of ne good antivirus & firewall software?


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Hi everyone

Was just wondering what antivirus and firewall software people recommend as i have always used symantecs range of products but i would like to c if their is anything better out there.... if so could you plz tell me what you or you'd use as i would like to get some input before i go and trust any of the programs that come out today...

Any responses is very much appreciated




easily the best AV software is Nod32 (www.nod32.com)

only av too have never missed an in the wild virus, and the only one that spotted stuff like msblast etc without definition updates... read the reviews at virus bulletin site... very very fast scan engine, and lowest sys footprint... even lower than AVG or F-prot !!! check out the demo, 3yr license is £44 :)

as for Firewall softs my top 4....

1. Sygate pro
2. Agnitum outpost
3. Kerio
4. ZA
Duh, NOD32 is a server antivirus, not a desktop tool????

For a desktop antivirus
Free - Use AVG
Paid - Use McAfee

Avoid Norton. It just doesn't cut it and they found a vulnerability in it that actually makes your system un-secure.


We all have differing opinions on antivirus software. When I went from Norton 2003 to AVG free I got a virus. When I went back to Norton 2003 I never got one ever.

I tried Panda, I liked it, so when my subs run out I will move to that.
If I were to go buy 50 magazines from WH Smith now, they would all suggest different antvirus, like here must be about 50 different ones people use.

I leave on my PC system per week 23 hours per day and it's always connected to net.
So for me I guess Norton is best, for me ;) Low end users that use net not that often or do not many dl's a freebie usually is best.


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I use avast- not too expensive, does the job well, but the interface is a bit 'clunky' at times.

For firewall, I always stick to keiro if possible.

Have to recommend AVG too, very nice (free) alternative.


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AVG anti-virus free and works very well
Zone alarm Pro -firewall - Prefered used a hardware firewall
I recommend and use AVG for my antivirus and Outpost Pro for my firewall.

A cheap router is good to have to compliment the firewall, D-Link routers are inexpensive perform well.


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Thanks To ALL!!!

To everyone that has gave me their point of view i would like to say thankyou very much and i have finally decided on using panda and zonealarm security suite then i will wait till norton release out their "2005" series of products then if they turn out to be way better than 2003/2004 ill go back to it otherwise ill stick to what i chose hehe

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