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ndsboot.exe-WildTangent removal help

I installed a Disney pinball game and then uninstalled after it was pretty lame. Anyway "WildTangent" was left on my PC and I can't get rid of it all. I've uninstalled in the usual places but it keeps trying to connect to my PC. When I'm not online my "hour glass" for programs starting up flickers off and on and also in my task manager I keep seeing a "project 1" flickering off and on. WildTangent has a webdriver that I can't seem to locate on my pc. I also get "ndsboot.exe" in my starting programs thats flickering as well. I went to their FAQ section and they say I need the CD in install again and then uninstall. No way, besides I broke the CD in half afterards because I was so mad. Anybody have any ideas here. I used Spybot and it removed 6 or 7 items of WildTangent, but it keeps showing up.. I had also installed the "desktopverifed 2.0" and uninstalled that after half the links were dead, and then I kept getting a message from Sygate they were trying to connect.


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