NCAA bowl games (what to do with the BCS)


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27 Dec 2001
Has anyone followed the mess that was the Bowl Championship Series this year? I watched a majority of the bowl games, and I don't know who to call the national champion. The BCS poll (computer) gives it to LSU, and the AP and coaches give it to USC. I would love to see LSU and USC play against each other for a "Super Bowl" of the NCAA.

The BCS coordinator (Mike Tranghese) is leaving and will be replaced by someone from the Big XII. Mike says that changes need to be made to the system, and suggests the possibility of one more game being added to determine the national champion. The BCS has two seasons left in its current format.

I think that the BCS definitely needs some work, and I know I'm not alone. Some of you might have more insight into the logistics of the bowl series and I'm curious as to what suggestions might make the BCS a less controversial system, and more welcome system.
A playoff might be too much, but they couldn't go wrong with a college superbowl.

Here's how I would do it: Have the #1 and #2 teams play each other when the BCS and AP (rarely) agree, or, if they (more often than not) don't, play the #1s from each one against the other.
I'm thinking along the same idea as you have HandyBuddy. A playoff would probably be fun, but university presidents have made it clear that it won't be an option. They don't want their kids playing football well into the spring semester. Makes sense.
considering the way the BCS has gone it makes sense for them to go ahead and fix things by using a better format...

a 2 game decider is not too bad an idea... winner of 1-4 seeds v/s 2-3 would be a nice way to do things... 1 extra game == mucho legitimacy...

the teams will not cry about it since it is all about money and they will get more money for one more game...
All about the money... sadly, yes. And sadly, the players (usually) don't receive any more than a scholarship while their school and coach get millions. But hey, it's for the love of the game, right? :p
They should flip a coin... and then have the girl cheerleaders have a cat fight. Winner takes all. :D

What they should do is push the bowl games back a week and then play the extra "winner take all" bowl game. this way there is no question as to who is No.1
In my opinion...they have the makings of a playoff system already in place. There are 4 main BCS Bowl Games...the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta and Orange Bowls. The teams that play in those are usually the cream of the crop anyway. Why not move the bowl games up to the middle of December and then have the winners of the 4 BCS games play in a Final 4 of sorts...with the winners meeting for the outright championship...the Final 4 could be played on Saturday and Sunday with the finals being played that next Monday night. The only problem I see with this scenario is finding a complex to handle the size of crowds this will attract. For instance...going by this year's final poll...LSU, USC, Oklahoma, and Ohio State would bring quite a crowd with them. Oh well...I guess every idea has its downside eh?

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