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Nav 2003


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Well I downloaded it yesterday and Im running it on one of my machines. Installed right over NAV 2002 without a hitch, allowed me to keep previous settings. One cool new addition is that now it runs with MSN messenger, AIM and Yahoo(v5)messenger. Well anyone else installed it? Any bugs? Works fine for me so far.
Well thats not good lol, if I dont report any bugs I wont get the free package:D . Good stuff Norton.:)

[Whoops just realized my bubu. Could the powers that be transfer this to computer security. Sorry for the mess]


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I downloaded NAV 2003 also, haven't had any problems so far. Let's hope it stays that way :)

I don't have the power to move to Computer Security, you'll have to wait for someone who moderates XP Applications


Be careful if you use zonealarm... its not compatible according to their known bugs.

Was going to install but after reading the bugs list




NAV 2003 is pretty much like 2002, but with a face left and faster scanning time. I look forward to the full version


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Originally posted by xsk8zerox
i installed it.. i fianlly got it to work jewelzz but now its not loading at startup
Hmm, not sure what to tell you xsk8zerox. I had no problems installing and I have no problems with it loading on startup. Report it as a bug, maybe others have had the same problem.


I installed NAV 2003 over NAV 2002 in Win XP and the installer recognized that 2002 was already installed and "uninstalled it"; and so it finished without a problem. However, when I used LiveUpdate it would recognize the virus definitions update, it would download them; but it wouldn't installed them "weird, I said".

Later on, as I was uninstalling another program, I saw in the "Add/Remove Programs" icon that NAV was listed twice. Norton Antivirus 2002 and Norton Antivirus 2003. "weird, I said again".

This time I uninstalled everything "NAV 2002 & 2003" and started from scratch. Now 2003 is working great.



NORTON 2003 is available to buy on norton site last couple of days.

Everyone knows norton was **** b4 2002 as it took over windows.

Also if u remove utilities 2002 sometime it take a windows sound file with it causing the volume slider to beep througth th modem case speaker insead of windown "ding"sound from main speaker set up.

It cant be repaired and takes a format to get back sound.

Norton is only my choice as McAfee dont have too good product at moment and uses lot of resorces.

If you look at the windoctors method of fixing errors manually you will see it just deletes them? could cause probs.

Mc Afee FIRST AID did actually repair them.

Trevor H

I am fighting NAV 2003 at present - it will not have autoprotect, shows error on email scan, previous installations have screwed up my internet connection, my modem, my desktop and slowed the machine horribly. (This is now my 5th reinstall) Symantec do not seem to be too helpful - what does paid-for tech support cost from them? Desparation and demanding a refund seem to be in order.
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I installed it over NAV2002 this afternoon . The install seemed to go fine. I rebooted ran live update and that all went well. I did a full system scan which worked but took about 5 min longer than it did with NAV2002. Little while later I went to play some CS and could not connect to a server. I would get a system error beep and the game would freeze. Only way out was pushing the ESC. button which took me back to the desk top. I played with it for a while and got no where. I used a Ghost image I had made the day before and all is back to normal minus the NAV2003. Might have just been a coincidence but NAV2002 has worked fine for me so I think I will wait for the final retail release before I try it again.

Trevor H

My version of NAV 2003 is a bought & paid for version from the symantec web site shop - all the tech support questions on their web site seem to mirror my prob and the other regarding internet and slooooow machine. Glib reply was - refeed the items into the registry - does not do a *** thing. Cust. support just suggested I redownloaded and tried again - 30 minutes on the phone wasted. It is useless. The worst thing they ever made. Will try another long download session - unless you know different.

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