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NAV 2002 error

I have Norton Anti-virus 2002. After a live-update, I started recieving this error wen my computer starts up.
Anyone have any idea how to get rid of it? Thanx
thanx for the reply, but I don't think its a problem with live-update...the error message appears only when I boot up the machine. The second link you posted is dead by the way.
Well I originally wrote a long reply stating that I also had this problem and outlining what I know, basically all I knew was that it was related to the updating of Norton Redirector. Just before I hit submit, I decided to do some research and bam I found exactly what I/we are after:

This error is caused by a conflict between the Symantec Redirector program update and a prereleased or beta version of NAV. Prerelease or beta versions of any Symantec software are not supported by Symantec. Contact the vendor that you purchased the software from to request a released copy of NAV.

To determine whether you have a prerelease or beta version of NAV, examine the version of Navapw32.exe . If the version of Navapw32.exe is less than, then you have a prerelease or beta version of the software. (For example, if you have version, then you have a prerelease or beta version of NAV.)

Search for the file and then go to right click>properties>version to see what version you have.

I've read that this problem probably only affects copies which have "fallen off the back of a truck", as the final product is supposed to have the .58 version. So if it came pre-installed on your comp from a shop you can pretty much go and blast them for giving you an old copy (I'll be doing some blasting soon).

Hope this helps,
Yea I realized that it only affected the pre-releases, but I can't blast anyone teehee. I was just wondering if there was a way to fix the problem without having to reinstall...ogh well, I'll just re-install and not update the redirector. Thanx for the replies guys =]

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