NAT setup on MRI modem for edonkey




I have this MRI ADSL Modem and this is the NAT setup page it gives me, I need to be able to open ports TCP 4662 and UDP 4672 for edonkey/emule

Problem is that I dont know all the values to get this working can some one give me the details required

The values I dont know are as follows

Local address from

Local address to

Global address from

Global address to

Destination Port from

Destination Port to

Local Port

Thanks in advance
Mapping for the TCP port:
Destination port: 4662
Local port: 4662
The rest blank or wildcard or whatever the router wants for "all".

Mapping for the UDP port:
Destination port: 4672
Local port: 4672
The rest blank or wildcard or whatever the router wants for "all".


cheers for instructions, very helpfull although I have another problem...

I've sorted that all out and everything is unfirewalled but I got major problems with yahoo messenger

I have opened all ports 20-5100 (every port yahoo MSN and emule uses) so every one is unfirewalled for everything (emule confirms this) but it seems like its fighting between each other as I can use chat and voice flawlessly but if some 1 else in the house comes on line then problems start to occur random getting kicked out and crashes, this is the same with MSN messenger and emule skips servers a lot.

any help much appreciated
You opened 20-5100?? You might as well just remove the firewall then mate. The major point of the firewall is to close of at least 0-1024 (the commonly known ports). The ports above should be blocked as well of course. So don't open any wide ranges, especially not below 1024.


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I never got eDonkey to work with my router successfully. My advice is to not use it, not open up your computer so it can be infected by every common trojan out there.

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