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NAT on ALcatel Speedtouch Home (Pro)


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Hi all,

I have an ALcatel Speedtouch Home ADSL modem. It runs on a stripped down unix kernel. It is possible however to turn this modem into a Pro version, gaining automatic dial-in, firewalling, dns server, dhcp server and always-on connectivity...

I 'upgraded' my Home model to Pro version using this tutorial. Everything is fine now, modem is connected to a hub now instead of a server machine with two NIC's and it is a working dhcp and dns server.

Just one problem: I don't know how to set up NAT to forward traffic from port 80 on the modem/router to my webserver on address

Network setup is:

Alcatel Speedtouch on
Webserver on
two clients on & .3

I want inconming traffic on port 80 on the modem to be forwarded to port 85 on (port 80 on is intrAnet website)

I looked around for manual, and I found this pdf document.

On page 185 there is info on creating a NAT entry:

nat create
protocol = <IP protocol name or number>
inside_addr = <ip-address>
[inside_port = <TCP/UDP service name or port number>]
outside_addr = <ip-address>
[outside_port = <TCP/UDP service name or port number>]

so that would give

nat create

protocol = TCP
inside_addr =
inside_port = 85
outside_addr = 0 (isp works with dhcp, so 0 creates template, it is replaced by the router's outside address)
outside_port = 80

After I do that the nat list command gives me this:

=>nat list
Indx Prot Inside-address:port Outside-address:port Foreign-address:port Flgs Expir State Control
1 6 instance
2 6 template

Foreign-address:port should change to my address when I try to connect to my outside address, but it doesn't.
Everything I get is: the pâge cannot be displayed.

Can anyone help please?




Real Name No Gimmicks
Assign to the NIC that is connected to the modem and open in your webbrowser.

You also can open a telnet session to

Check out the tutuorial (my fisrt post in this thread)



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