Nasty NTFS problem


dror me

I have the following computer configuration...
Two hard-disks in two drawers...
one old 10 GB hard-disk divided to two partitions;
c->1GB(FAT16) WinNT 4 workstation sp6a installed
one new 80GB hard-disk divided to two partitions;
c->2GB(FAT16) Win2000 sp3 installed
the problem...
every time that I switch the drawers and boot from Win2000 HD I get an startup Chkdsk errors such as...
Deleting orphan file record segment...
file xxx corrupted...

the result, is that in Win2000 NTFS partition I got...
1. missing files that completely deleted.
2. Files that their content is missing 0 file size.
3. Files that the data is corrupted, I looked in one HTM file; some of it is the original data and some of garbage data.

I manage to pin down the cause of the problem, it’s happen when I’m working on WinNT4 and copying file to the Win2000 NTFS partition!

Most of the time I’m working on the WinNT4, and I want to use the 78GB space...

I tried to find info how to fix it, or why it’s happen but no luck :-(

Maybe there is some one that can help me?



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which NTFS versions are the NT and 2k systems using. If they are different then that could be causing part of the problem

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