Nascar 2002 Season :demo:


Okay to anyone out there who likes Nascar and has played Nascar 4 and Nascar 2002 post your comparison here.

Tire Wear: I think that the new tire wear system is awesome; I can already see the difference in control after 10 laps; alot better than N4!

Textures: Also the new texture compression; it boosts frame rate and looks 5 times better!

Sound: Man, I love it- Even sounds better than the Nascar 2002 sounds for N4- I think they extracted them wrong, and it messed the quality up or something. The sound is a definite + for Nascar 2002; without it - Nascar 2002 probably wouldn't be worth it.

Ideal Line Feature: This makes it even easier if your not good at seeking your own line, or could just help you stay more consistent. Good Idea!

There is another feature but I can't think of what its called; If you played Nascar 4 and found you couldn't keep the car on the road try Nascar 2002 I dare ya to try and screw up this time; If you still succeed, you probably should stay in 3rd gear =)