Nascar 2002! FPS=3!!!


28 Nov 2004
While in NASCAR 2002 I am going 3 wide and passing low and high- then all the sudden FPS goes to 3 and I still hear my engine RoaRing and the screen pauses and this isn't a good thing at 190MPH!

I do have a program called the RivaTuner and I have a GeForce 2MX/400 64Ram- didn't even think about it til now really...

Is that my problem- or does my pc just suck- b/c I'm convinced it does, extremely!...
Does the game recover after a bit or do you keep going like that until you smack into a wall ?

Another thought,

As at this point you would have sound effects coming from all angles, is it your soundcard hogging all the processor time. try it without sound.
The game does recover when I'm not in a turn that includes Daytona's front stretch which would be considered a turn. The only time it doesn't lock up to where I can't regain control of the car before it smacks into the wall or wipes out is mostly the turns. The backstraight is the only place it might lock up for a fraction of a second and then I can regain control.

I am also using a sound patch with 3dsound which is quite nice. I also have the channels down to 8; and thats as low as it goes...

I have also used this site to tweak the graphics side to get more FPS [] I'm not sure if it worked or not- but its not worth finding out now unless it would solve my problem; which it may :rolleyes:

I'll try playing without sound but thats no fun- so I'll try to play 10 minutes or so and tell you what happens.
i've noticed slowdown in the and after reading a review onit it
wasn't hard to figure out that this sim takes alot of processing
power to run it full out! so the only thing i could to do to make it
more playable was to turn some the "eyecandy" down. right now
i'm getting about 30 to 35 fps in a crowd and it'll go up to 55 or so
if i pull away from the pack. i,m running a amd 950 t-bird , 256 megs ddr and a geforce 2ti w/ 64 megs ddr. i'm building a newe sys now so it'll be interesting to see what happens with it


Well without the eyecandy this game is pointless- without seeing those awesome paintjobs its really no fun to play-

What exactly did you tone down in the eyecandy department?
I'd like to see the performance of my pc compared to yours ;)
not much to turn down,in details evrything set to med, drawing
dist @ 72% ,no steering wheel off,anisotrophic filtering off and
running @ 800x 600. which is one part of why i' m putting a new
system togather! all the rest of the games i play w/ everything on! my 3D mark 2001 is 3912 w/ no oc(for what its worth!):)
3D Mark2001 SE

I don't have just 3D Mark2001 but I do have the Second Edition.

My pc couldn't even run all the tests and I got 2232 3D Marks.

Although I can't upgrade I would try overclocking some things but it seems that its not possible with the Pentium III...

That benchmark seems a little low for that card, I had the 32m variety and used to get a smidgeon over 3000 in 3dmark 2001 se.

Is your agp set to 4x in the bios ?

I have just upgraded to geforce 4 MX, and the difference is huge. I can now play Medal of honour in 1024 x 768 with everything turned on to maxinum and still get 80 FPS.

3D mark score now 5900

The best part is that this card is available for under £100 ( Sorry dont know what that is in Dollars ). As budget cards go this is awesome.
I heard those MX cards suck- and because of that I was looking into getting a GeForce 3 Ti200 but I won't be able to afford that for a while now :(

I did have AGP 4X enabled but my Aperture size was I think 16 I just made it 64- So what exactly should I change in the bios?

I'm going to start a new thread- everyone vote and give me your opinion...
i'm not real familiar with your ram ,but have you tried different
memory settings in the bios? if not you might want to give that
a try.
be aware that i use a amd board and cpu so i don't know how your's will be different from mine.
in your bios look for,
on my mobo these can be adjusted to diffrent speeds,in effect o/c
my ram.:)
i don't really know how to do that, tell me and i'll give it a try!
<img>image url here</img>
replace "<" ">" with "[" "]"

to take the pic you may need to take a digital picture of it b/c printscreen doesn't work until you get in windows; I think...

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