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I tryed to play it thru MP9, looked promising for a minute, started buffering, buffered 33% and stoped.

sorry , nothing 4 me too
I got a connection. Nothing through WM stream though, but the Real-stream is perfect.
[edit]Here was an image, but I realised the image was a little too big (80K+), a disaster for you guys on Dialup. Sorry...[/edit]


You'd think NASA would get it right!

Doesn't fill me with confidence, I won't be flying with them to the moon!

Well I would'nt be, but I dont have several millions of pounds lying about :(
He that's strange. I did a alt+print screen to capture the image. When I view it back, the video bit is black, but the black bit is above the Realplayer screen (Real is still playing), I can see the movie playing through the black bit of the image! Any one knows how this happened?
Originally posted by stewartbmw2000
well uve lost me
hehe, sorry, was a bit in a hurry.

I mean that when I made that screencapture of Realplayer, while playing the Nasa Stream, the video piece got all black. The Real player was still playing on the background and the IE window(full sized) layed on top of the Realplayer window (centered in the middle). While the video was playing, the black image was acting like a window (glass window) and the video showed up and the funny thing was, that the video didn't go beyond the border of the black image, so when I scrolled the image, the video stood still.

Funny right, perhaps a glitch in Windows or something.

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