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NAS System


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I am looking to finally get my server I always wanted.

I came across this, the Synology DS413.
Synology Network Attached Storage - DS413 Products

Looks good, but I don't know much about NAS.

This is going to be for TV & Movies, for running Plex (which I believe there is an app for it) and looks really nice.

I will probably do other types of backups as well, but its mainly for running my media and plex.

Anything I should know about? Better options, this seems relatively cheap compared to others I have seen, not sure if that could be a bad thing.


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Personally, I love the Synology devices from a features perspective. I do wish they had a little more horsepower (in terms of memory/cpu though).

If you roll your own, some of it may depend on where you are planning on having the NAS. If you are putting this near your entertainment center, I would look at a quieter power supply and some quiet fans. A nice fanless and some Noctura case/CPU fans keep the noise level down. If this is sitting in an office where noise isn't a concern, then it doesn't matter as much.

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