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5 Nov 2002
Hi all

Even though I have not yet ordered the parts for my core 2 duo upgrade...... I am planning my next system although this one will be significantly different from anything I have built before.

What I am after is a NAS (network attached storage) system with raid (to secure my data) and hopefully media server capabilities for my movies, music, photos etc.......

So here are my requirements...
  • Low system requirements (just been given an old celeron system which I could use)
  • Raid supported (software would be nice, if not I will have to buy a hardware card, though that would mean I could use SATA disks)
  • The systems on the network are all windows based (plus 1 wii ;))so compatibility with these
  • media server functions, streaming music etc... (not tv capture or anything like that though, My next, next pc, (using the parts from my core duo upgrade) will be a media centre)
Can anybody please give me any hints or tips? Good software to use etc....

I have downloaded freeNAS and openfile, open source NAS programs; are these any good? What's best to use/provide for media server functions?

Many Thanks


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