Why the hell would I want to pay to have access to napster???

There are at least 4 other file sharing services out there that are great for getting mp3s.. I recommend Kazaa.

It uses no central server so there is nothing "the man" can shut down.

If Kazaa is shut down, the p2p network will continue on forever. It needs no central command structure like Napster did. They would have to force all 4 million users to take the software off their machine.

I agree , i think its futile attempt by the music industry to stop us all sharing music

maybe if Music wasnt so expensive we wouldnt need p2p ......
Edonkeys another one you could try. It doesnt come with spyware, but there are some tricks to getting it to run right. It probably doesnt have as much music as Kazaa, but Kazaa left a sour taste in my mouth for some reason. I just didnt like the way the program ran. But this was awhile ago, and it may have improved since then.

Audiogalaxy is also a shadow of its former self, and is going pretty much the same direction Napster did :mad:

EDIT: THat, plus Kazaa seems to be installing a trojan on your system that phones home your information. Right now, I'd avoid it like the plague
hey thats something i haven't heard now about kazaa, I am personally using Morpheous.. i didn't like edonkey too much..
Originally posted by Druce
hey thats something i haven't heard now about kazaa, I am personally using Morpheous.. i didn't like edonkey too much..

Go check the Kazaa forum. I'd heard it elsewhere too, but cant think of the site offhand.

I dont think Morpheus is affected so far though.

Yeah, the Donkey is hard to configure at first. Plus, its not really geared towards music. But it works in a pinch when Everything else starts screwing up. Like Kazaa, it doesnt have a central server. Problem is, its a Program and Movie Warez hideout. I personally wouldnt mind a few movies, but it takes longer than heck, and well...I dont mind renting movies. To each his own I guess...
Call me a suck but I would quite happily pay $5 or so to download a full album instead of racking around trying to find the whole album of different users......

Having said that if you do want a whole album the easy was try cute ftp's search facility and just leech it of someone else!
Who said I'd want a whole album? If I wanted that, I'd buy the album.

Its been a long time since I've liked more than 2 songs off a whole album. Thats why I dont buy them anymore. If they think putting 2 good songs, and 8-10 bad ones is going to sell, theyve got another thing coming...

Of course, thats just my opinion...

And I'm a grumpy old fart anyways...:D
I agree with Speed4ever... I made the mistake of buying a Joydrop album a few years ago... =/...

Okay you all can stop laughing now!

Whenever somebody asked me to dl an album for them I tell them to just buy it... If it's good it's worth the money... It's also a pain to try and find 14 songs to make it...

E-donkey Put that same taste in my mouth... I have'nt used it in awhile but it seemed very slow and others start dl'ing from you before your dl is even complete... how does that work anyway?...
E-donkey Put that same taste in my mouth... I have'nt used it in awhile but it seemed very slow and others start dl'ing from you before your dl is even complete... how does that work anyway?...

How does what work? People getting the d/l from you before your finished getting it?

Edonkey works like this...

Lets say there are 10 users out there who have the same song your looking for...

Now, the way the donkey works, is that it d/ls chunks of the information from each user at the same time, effectively your getting the same song from several users simultaneously. Then the donkey puts all the information together to make the file complete.

On the same token, other users can d/l the incomplete information you currently have, eevn if its not finished on your end.

The philosophy works great, but the program still needs some work. Its not bad if you know the tricks, but it takes some research to getting it to work right.

Anyhoo, I think that answers your question...
personally its been about 2 years since i have bought an audio cd and about 4 months since a dvd... i usually get what i want from the net.. even software... if i really like the work, then i will buy it, but usually i don't think its worth my hard earned money most of the time, especially if i like one song from an album or i keep dying in the first five mins of a game.. then i know that it was better that i d/l it instead of wasting my cash... I am all for supporting programmers/artists if they put out stuff i like... Also the pier to pier world has actually been good for people finding rare and obscure things...
I'm amazed anyone uses kazaa...the mother of all slowdowns, the fort nox for hard remove spyware. If you're going to install this, a; back up everything so you can do a clean install when a better service comes out and b;make sure you run ad aware. While you're at it, if ypu're going to run kazaa, why don't you run a little Ezula for the finnishing touch
imeahs ???..

im using imesh alot now ithinks its really good for music and media.... what do u guys think about i mesh ..??..
I've been told, but couldn't tell you first hand, that Morpheous does not contain spyware
Bearshare has spyware, but gives you the option of installing it or not...this is the favorite program of on of the most knwoledgeable people I have ever met concerning computers and computing
I had to redownload and install KaZaa recently and thankfully my anti-virus program caught the virus. I use Norton's NAV prog. It said it was a trojan. I hate programs that do that.

I am also an avid Edonkey user. It is a bit slow but if you check out Sharereactor you can find some excellent software, movies, and other various tools.

i would have to agree with Speed, i have never downloaded more than a couple of songs from a certain album, and if i like them, i go and buy the album......besides the fact that i don't really take care of my cd's, so if i'm recording them onto my comp and if a couple of the songs won't record because they are scratched, i like having the option to go on the net and get those songs.

Me thinks that if ALL record stores would let you listen to ANY cd in the store, whether new or used, plus lower the prices of CD's there wouldn't be as much file would never stop of course, because alot of people, like myself, prefer to sit in our darkened rooms and stare at the computer screen with a cigarette in hand and a 12 pack of mountain dew on the floor, than to go out into the harsh, cancer causing sunlight to converse with people and spend money, hehehe
oh yeah, BTW, Kazaa and Morpheus are basically the same program, except Morpheus doesn't contain spyware, if you have morpheus and look at the users after you do a search, you'll notice some of the users have @Kazaa on them.....

You are my kind of person. I was honestly beginning to think I was the only one who liked Mt. Dews. Granted, I have to buy mine in unleaded (caffeine-free) because of migraines but I love them. My poor livingroom has been described as a batcave. It's dark most of the time with the exception of the Eclipse light on the top of my monitor. The bottom door of my fridge stays stocked with Mt. Dew.

I agree, I would much rather be in the comfort of my "batcave," than out in a store surrounded by a bunch of people. Just call me antisocial.... others have. :D

soooo...if kazaa (aka;slow me down pleeeze) and morpheous are the same, and morpheouse is pretty popular, why the he*% don't you kazaa fools go to where they are not nspying on you? ?!!!??? hmmmn

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