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Name that Font!


Not all there...
:rolleyes: Okay, I've seen this font around, but never had to use it until now (the lovely script for Twelve Stones Crossing, below). We're supposed to receive Illustrator/vector art, but they sent me a lovely 72dpi scan instead. :dead:

Anybody know the name of this font? While you're at it, do you have a link for me to download it, too, please (my computer had to be reloaded last month, so I lost all my cool font links...).

Any assistance would be muchly appreciated!



Not all there...
kcnychief said:
How did you find it?
I went to the Font Search Engine and looked through the Calligraphic fonts, and from there I was directed to ITC who wanted $29.00 for it.

A couple of good places to get free fonts (finally found the list on my PC at home...) are Golden Web and WebPagePubliciy.com. There's also some woman named Barbar Jean who has some ITC/Adobe fonts that you won't find for free anywhere else (that's where I got the Sloop font, which is a really nice script typeface).

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