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Name that application


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Question, i have seen either many programs do this or just one. On many shows about hackers and/or wireless LANS the people take a laptop, load a application, drive around a city and the application picks up all the wireless lans, and infomation about them each, than after they drive around they show all the LANS. What application is this?


Such service is called WiFi. There are not any cities that are COMPLETELY wired that I know of. There are some hotels around cities that are wired in their lobbies.


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it's called "War Driving" and its basically taking advantage of offices and other buildings that have chosen to use new Wireless (WiFi) technologies, its the same as hacking, but doing it on the move so to speak.


Apple lover, PC User
No i had no idea~ i thought it was the complete truth!
Yes i do, but i saw this on some tlc thing on hackers. all it is, is a program that scans usin a 802.11b card for local wireless LANS, when it finds one it downloads infomation on 'em, than list 'em. Come on, all i need is an answer. No more stuff about "your kiddin right?" and about movies. Thanks.

Thank you SPeedY_B, but what is the program they do it with?


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Please do not post any more questions reguarding or inquiring thereof Programs that may HACK another computer be it Stand Alone, Wireless/Laptop or otherwise. PLEASE.

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