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Name for a 6mnth old Siamese Cat


Hi, we just got a 6mnth old Siamese cat and we're not sure what to name it. If any of you would be so kind as to give suggestions as to what to name a Siamese cat, it would be greatly appreciated.


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My ex's wife has a siamese, beautiful cats but man do the cry LOUD!

Pick a name from it's personality... will see if I can think of anything :)
that's a pretty siamese! fist thing that comes to mind, just by looking at the picture would be to name it brown paw (ya I suck at making names)


My mother had two, that were named Ying (female) and Yang (male). She adopted them from the SPCA as a pair, they were 'husband & wife'. we had a lot of cats growing up... these two were definitely unique and enjoyable, lived to be quite old too.

Only name I've though of so far is 'Tang'. I'd kind of like to stick to something a bit asian oriented.


how about Frank... for a male and Francis for a female... as in Old Blue Eyes aka Frank Sinatra :D


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I asked my 11 year old daughter for help. They're usually good at stuff like this.

She recommends Simon or Sam. She didn't like my Spot recommendation.
I think it should be Xena: Warrior Pri.... nah, that's been done.

Personally I think spot would be a great name, but it doesn't seem to be popular here. If you're looking for something asian you could always just call it dinner. J/K hope nobody is offended, I have a lot of asian friends, I'm not racist I promise. Jade would've been good for a female cat, maybe Jado? Haha ummm a lot of people name their cat after the color, I guess off white isn't a good cat name, maybe Tope? Ok obviously I've got nothing good, I'll be quiet
oops, forgot to mention... We've also thought of Nad (Gonad). His backend is beige and his nads are dark , do they ever stand out!! haha! :)

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