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Name Brand Goodness


Stranger Than Fiction
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So who is THE name brand in RAM these days? I used to use Corsair and/or Crucial but now there seems to be so many more choices. OCZ & Mushkin always seem to be highly regarded. Any thoughts?
Kingston's premium RAM seems to be well thought of now also. Unless you're running 533/1066 RAM speed I don't think it really matters much anymore.

The instability issues from shoddy RAM when the 400 mhz ram first came out seem to be gone.

The only advantage to the prmium RAM is a few less clock cycles required for refresh. And that just doesn't buy you enough speed improvement to spend the time and money on.


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corsair and ocz are the best high end ram... if i had to buy i'd probably go for ocz

kingston is pretty good for average ram


Mr. Bananagrabber
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I personally endorse Corsair with all my friends and family, as well as using it myself. I think they offer some of the best cost/performance/warranty ratio.

I'm not sure what speed you are looking to get, but for example I would say this would be a good value from Corsair. Assuming from your previous post you wanted to get 2GB of DDR2 in a 2x1gb config.

I am also moving towards the whole. If the specs are the same, so is the quality.
It didnt used to be that way, but i think a company with shotty quality would surely fail in todays market.


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My choices in order of preference:

Corsair Best high-end Performance especially with overclocking...
Crucial Best midrange memory for both cost and performance
Kingston Best known most commercially used memory for PCs
OCZ disclaimer: I have NOT used OCZ but all their performances have been stellar... for slightly more PERSONALLY I would go with Corsair...

EDIT: or Mushkin, although it has been a LOONG time since I used their memory and after I started overclocking have not thought about using it since they havent followed with the top vendors for tweaking your rigs for top performance...

Hope this helps...
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